Cata Usme uncovered the truth about Yoreli Rincón in the Colombian National Team

Cata Usme uncovered the truth about Yoreli Rincón in the Colombian National Team
Cata Usme uncovered the truth about Yoreli Rincón in the Colombian National Team

There are only a few months left for the Colombia Women’s National Team have your debut in the French Olympic Games. There they will face the host team, New Zealand and Canada where they hope to qualify for the next round, and why not, keep their hopes up of fighting for the title or joining the podium.

That is the desire of the national team, said by the top scorer of the Colombian National Team, Maria Catalina Usme Pineda. However, recently another controversy arose prior to the Olympic competition. In the call for the friendlies against Venezuela in May and June, the name of Yoreli Rincón that he had the possibility of returning after six years of absence.

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Yoreli has fought to enter Colombia’s plans, leaving behind the alleged vetoes that are being talked about. It was expected that he could be there, given that he posed with Álvaro González Álzatepresident of the soccer and vice president of the Colombian Football Federation.

But the plan Angelo Marsiglia was another regarding the steering wheel National Athletic, leaving her out of the friendlies that precede the Olympic Games. Catalina Usme spoke in the middle Open Sports where he revealed the truth of Yoreli’s non-call.

Let’s see, I think it is a topic that does not concern us. I have never heard of a topic of vetoes in the Federation, it is a topic that we have talked about several times and I think it is not our concern. There is a coaching staff and a leadership that in the end has to choose the players and our role is simply to play,” Catalina Usme began.

Later, she was more direct about the non-presence of Yoreli Rincón, “Yore hasn’t been in the process for a long time, 18 players are going to the Olympics and I think we have had a supremely successful process with the players there are.. It is an issue that they will have to choose and they will have their reasons for doing it or not doing it.”

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The Atlético Nacional player stopped being in the plans since the Copa América played in 2018 when they failed to qualify for the 2019 World Cup in France. His main return to the BetPlay Women’s League It was to be taken into account, but it did not succeed. After the non-call, Yoreli wrote in X, “it’s over. I don’t fight it anymore. It’s definitely not for me”. Catalina Usme referred to this topic.

Catalina stated, “yes of course, I saw the tweet. I saw when she put that in, but It will be the situation of many players and not just her who spent a long time in the national team and did not return.. That are not only in Colombia but abroad. I think that all of us who play soccer have that dream of playing in the National Team. Now, the role of choosing who goes and who doesn’t go, that is not our responsibility.”.

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