Estudiantes lost to Lanús in the Professional League

Estudiantes lost to Lanús in the Professional League
Estudiantes lost to Lanús in the Professional League

Students lost 2 to 1 with Lanus in it Stadium Nestor Diaz Perezat the beginning of date 3 of the Professional League. He referee of the match was Andrew Merlos While in the VAR was Salome Di Iorio. Marcelino Moreno and Walter Bou They scored the goals for the local team. Eros Mancuso had temporarily tied for Pincha.

Lanús wanted to hit first with an excellent clearance that he controlled Walter Bou who hoped that Matias Mansilla I pressed him, but Pincha’s one stopped halfway and deflected the shot with his right foot. In the reply, Estudiantes had two situations together, Javier Correa made the Garnet goalkeeper shine and then, with a center Jose Sosa Also for Correa, he had the second failed opportunity. The following minutes, the intensity dropped and the teams focused on analyzing the rival and stopped taking too many risks.

Reaching the middle of the first stage, the game became frictional and with little football. In a fleeting collective transition, Eros Mancuso He finished but had no goal. Eduardo Domínguez’s team tried to create danger with Pablo Piatti and Edwuin Cetré by the bands.

Some time passed for the next dangerous play, Mancuso captured the rebound at the door of the area, after a corner, and the center defined it Santiago Ascacibar. The fourth time was going to be the charm. Correa made a turn at the penalty spot, enabled Sosa and the team captain, defined cross. 1 to 0 was shouted, but the VAR canceled the action.

The last one of the first half also went to Estudiantes and again from behind, but now with a header, Ascacíbar had a very clear situation but the ball grazed the crossbar and went over the goal. The clearest ones were for Pincha, but between the advanced position and the lack of firmness to define, he did not make the difference he deserved.

With total surprise for everyone, Lanús came out with everything at the beginning of the complement and with the changes, in the first play Bruno Cabrera faced Gaston Benedettiput the center in and at the door of the area Marcelino Moreno controlled and crossed the goal to open the scoring.

Correa raised Pincha’s expectations when he tried something else. Alone against the side, he faced Ezequiel Muñoz, made a double hook and hit him as best he could, to win a corner kick. In the next, Ascacíbar had the third on his personal account but the defender covered him in time to prevent him from defining with certainty.

The change of Edwuin Cetré to the left was decisive. In the first actions he did not resolve in a good way, but halfway through the second stage he looked for the hook to the right, put the center past and into the back of Abel Luciatti, Eros Mancuso crossed the ball and tied the score.

The end of the match was very hard to play, all the players raised the level of aggressiveness and it became difficult to generate danger in the attacking zones. Cetré received an exact pass to gain speed, no one stopped him and he left the goal served to Guido Carrillobut the newcomer wanted to take a second longer and Nicolas Morgantini saved Garnet’s goal.

In the best moment of Estudiantes, who had achieved some danger from midfield forward, Walter Bou He grabbed a rebound at the edge of the area and hit it like crazy, to put the local team ahead.

When the match seemed under control for the home team and that the advantage was on the court, the irresponsibility of Walter Bou, who went from behind against Fernando Zuqui with an iron, he left Lanús with one less, since the VAR notified Merlos of this situation and showed him the red one.

Without patience, with more desire than ideas and without space, the game got out of hand for Pincha, Luciano Lollo of the best of the game, he went for it with his head but he didn’t have any chance in his favor. The last one of the match, Enzo Perez He punctured the ball, looking for Carrillo, but he arrived first Alan Aguerre to keep the result and win the first three points of the tournament.

Match summary

Lanus (2): Alan Aguerre; Nicolás Morgantini, Ezequiel Muñoz, Abel Luciatti and Brian Aguirre; Felipe Peña Biafore, Raúl Loiza, Ramiro Carrera and Favio Álvarez; Marcelino Moreno and Walter Bou.

Students (1): Matías Mansilla; Eros Mancuso, Luciano Lollo, Zaid Romero and Gastón Benedetti; Santiago Ascacíbar, José Sosa and Fernando Zuqui; Pablo Piatti, Javier Correa and Edwuin Cetré.

Cautioned: PT: 48′ Ramiro Carrera (L), ST: Raúl Loaiza (L), 29′ Gastón Benedetti (E).

Changes: ST: at the beginning Augusto Lotti and Bruno Cabrera x Ramiro Carrera and Favio Álvarez (L), 23′ Tiago Palacios x Pablo Piatti (E), 22′ Enzo Pérez x José Sosa (E), 30′ Guido Carrillo x Javier Correa (E), 34′ Lautaro Acosta x Raúl Loaiza (L), 44′ Mauro Méndez x Fernando Zuqui (E), 47′ José Canale x Marcelino Moreno (L).

Goals: ST: Marcelino Moreno (L), 20′ Eros Mancuso (E), 40′ Walter Bou (L).

Expelled: ST: 42′ Walter Bou (L).

Lanus vs. Students: How to watch live and match data

  • Referee: Andrés Merlos.
  • VAR: Salomé Di Iorio.
  • Stadium: Néstor Díaz Pérez.
  • Time: 9:15 p.m.
  • TV: TNT Sports.
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