Trevor Bauer stays with Diablos Rojos for the entire season

Trevor Bauer stays with Diablos Rojos for the entire season
Trevor Bauer stays with Diablos Rojos for the entire season

The Red Devils of Mexico reported that pitcher Trevor Bauer will remain in the scarlet organization for the entire campaign.

The American pitcher, Trevor Bauerwill play the entire season with the Red Devils of Mexico of the Mexican Baseball League, the scarlet organization announced.

Through a statement, the Pingos reported that they reached an agreement for Bauer to remain with the team for the remainder of the 2024 season.

After Bauer fulfilled 7 of the 8 departures that were initially agreed upon, the parties met for a new agreement. Bauer leads the LMB in games won (5), ERA (1.50) and strikeouts (62).

The ninth recalled that they had agreed on eight outings with the pitcher, but that they held a meeting to reach an agreement for him to stay in baseball. LMB.

“Once 7 of the 8 outings that the pitcher and the team had agreed upon had been completed, the Scarlet board and the pitcher met and managed to reach a new agreement in which it was established that Trevor Bauer would remain with the team for the entire campaign,” was added.

Trevor Bauer has performed well with Red Devilswhich was a factor in them seeking the pitcher’s stay.

“The performance from the center of the diamond is key to ensuring Bauer’s permanence, adding to the impact he has had off the field of play: 77,889 fans have attended the games where there has been an opening by Trevor” , was added in the writing.

Bauer was chosen to participate in the LMB All-Star Gamethanks precisely to the work he has achieved with the Red Devils during the 2024 season.

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