leader of the FPC said no to Frank Fabra

leader of the FPC said no to Frank Fabra
leader of the FPC said no to Frank Fabra

The Colombian footballer has no place in Boca and is already looking for a team in another country.

Boca Juniors announced a few weeks ago that they will not have several footballers for the rest of the year and one of them is the Colombian Frank Fabra who is already looking for another club.

Well, the 33-year-old full-back will end his relationship with Boca after signing for Xeneize in 2016 and where in most seasons he had a good performance, starting in most of the games.

However, this year, Fabra’s minutes decreased over the years and he currently does not count for Diego Martínez and also does not have a good relationship with the Boca fans due to his mistakes on the field.

In the midst of this panorama, Fabra already has several offers on the table and one of them came from Colombian soccer, more precisely from Independiente Medellín.

However, negotiations between both parties quickly broke down. According to journalist Óscar Tobón, the DIM asked Fabra about his conditions for returning to the Antioquia team and there the player demanded to maintain the same salary that he has in Boca Juniors.

Given this, the club ruled out his signing given the impossibility of assuming his salary. According to the ‘Salay Sport’ portal, Fabra receives one million euros of monthly salary of 90,480 euros, which is 400 million Colombian pesos that the DIM would have to give to Fabra per month.

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