“Bellingham will win the Ballon d’Or”

“Bellingham will win the Ballon d’Or”
“Bellingham will win the Ballon d’Or”

Dragan Stojkovicselector Serbiastated this Saturday at a press conference, on the eve of facing England in their first match of the Euro Cup, that the game of Jude Bellingham “it’s impressive” and that in the future “will win the Ballon d’Or”.

The Balkan coach praised the figure of Real Madrid and was confident that he will win individual awards at some point in his career after a spectacular first year with the Madrid team, in which he won the Spanish Super Cup, the League and the League. of Champions.

“He’s a great guy. He will definitely win the Ballon d’Or in the future. He plays impressively, although he is young, he is strong, he has quality, he showed all this at Real Madrid. You don’t have to give him much space, he is a very important player for the English team. We’ll see on Sunday. In defense, of course, we have to be careful and show everything we did during our training,” he said.

“But it’s really impressive how he plays. He’s a very, very young guy… It’s really amazing the performances he puts in every game. It’s great for England, bad for us. But we will do everything we can to be in control,” he added.

Stojkovic, asked why he expects from England and if he believes that the British team is overconfident with their chances of winning the title, joked with Garteh Southgate’s team: “What are we waiting for? Well, we wait for the champion England to win the title. There is only one problem, that everything that is said and spoken must be demonstrated on the field. We can talk about this and that…”, he noted.

The Serbian coach acknowledged that he knows everything about the English system and its players. In that regard, he declared that “there are no surprises” because his team has all the information possible. However, he made it clear that if Serbia “does not do its job”, he will have nothing to do against the British team.

Likewise, he spoke about the order he will give to his players if they score the first goal of the game: “Very simple, score the second. Whenever you score a goal, you want to score the next one. We will see how the game develops, in what direction it will go. Playing against England requires total concentration.”

“We will do everything possible to create opportunities. We must not forget that football is played in two directions. “This is a tournament, every detail is important, it is not a classification, it is a tournament, every point is important, every yellow card, everything.”he added.

Finally, he pointed out that England, compared to a couple of years ago, when it was runner-up in the Euro Cup, has changed because there is “a new generation” that has demonstrated its talent both in the Premier League and in the qualifying rounds. “It’s a pleasure to see you,” she concluded.

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