Esteban Gini, for history: first victory in the TC and prize of eight suits in Rafaela :: Olé

Esteban Gini, for history: first victory in the TC and prize of eight suits in Rafaela :: Olé
Esteban Gini, for history: first victory in the TC and prize of eight suits in Rafaela :: Olé

06/16/2024 08:00 a.m.Updated on 06/16/2024 2:57 p.m.

There is a first time for everything. In the case of Esteban Gini, for more than one thing. Because of his profession, he had no choice but to spend his first Father’s Day away from little Amanda. But, fortunately, the Tube made that sacrifice worth it: in the Rafaela Oval – there are historical circuits – He celebrated his first victory in the TC and won the prize of eight million pesos.

Coming into the weekend, it looked like Chevrolet was a cut above the rest. It was confirmed with the classification and, the next day, with the series. But the Óvalo had a surprise waiting for the ironworkers. When everything was about Christian Ledesma and Diego Ciantini, and it seemed that the millionaire fight would be between the new generation and the old (Camaro vs. Chevy), A blue Toyota drove by.

To get into the fight, he first had to devour Jonatan Castellano’s Dodge – after following him for several laps, he passed him on the straight. Then, in a triple battle, he stayed close to the leaders but without being able to show his trunk. How did you manage to pass them? With some help.

Diego Ciantini in Rafaela. Once again a victory escaped him. (ACTC Press)

“I ran out of brakes there,” Ledesma said. “When Christian went overboard, I went overboard with his reference,” Ciantini explained. What happened? That with six laps remaining, the two Goats continued on through the chicane, one passing through the grass and the other climbing onto the steps, and They paved the way for the Gini Tube to add its first victory in the Road Tourism after 107 presentations.

I dedicate it to all the parents, to my wife and my daughter… I was able to win in all the categories I ran in, I was missing this victory. It’s been many years of effort, that’s why as soon as I saw the checkered flag and the fireworks I got excited. My old man asked me to give him this victory and I did it“, was the comment of Gini, a first-time father and, as of this Sunday, winner of TC. A story to tell his daughter in a few years…

Christian Ledesma lamented how the victory slipped through his hands. (ACTC Press)

The minute by minute of the TC in Rafaela

06/16/2024, 14:45

This is the TC championship

  1. Santero – 221 points (one win)
  2. Urcera – 194.5 (one win)
  3. Lambiris – 194.5
  4. Ciantini – 192.5
  5. Gini – 182 (one win)
  6. Werner – 176.5 (one win)
  7. Landa – 166
  8. Todino – 163.5 (one win)
  9. From Benedictis – 161.5
  10. Spanish – 160.5

Santero continues to lead the championship. (ACTC Press)

06/16/2024, 14:00

This is how they arrived in Rafaela

  1. Gini
  2. Ciantini
  3. Ledesma
  4. Benvenuti
  5. Castilian
  6. Mangoni
  7. Ardusso
  8. Santero
  9. Todino
  10. Lambiris
  11. Chapur
  12. Ebarlin
  13. From Benedictis
  14. Landa
  15. Jaw
  16. trick
  17. Fountain
  18. Aguirre
  19. Catalan Magni
  20. Mazzacane
  21. Alvarez
  22. Agrélo
  23. A. Martínez
  24. Trosset
  25. Ferrante
  26. Risatti
  27. Urcera
  28. Carinelli
  29. Ponce de Leon
  30. Vazquez
  31. Londero
  32. Khalaf
  33. From Carlo
  34. Alaux
  35. Of the church
  36. T. Martínez
  37. Fritzler
  38. Craparo
  39. Iribarne
  40. Werner
  41. Bonelli
  42. Spataro
06/16/2024, 13:40

He won the Gini Tube in Rafaela!

The Toyota driver took advantage of the Chevrolet mistake, added his first victory in Road Tourism and he took the eight million pesos.

The Toyota of Esteban Gini, from the TC. (IG)

06/16/2024, 13:28

Return 19/25 | The two Chevrolets passed and Gini was the leader!

Ledesma cut the chicane, Bochita over-braked and Tubo, who entered the that perfectly, He ate them both to become the new leader of the race in Rafaela. For now, the eight million pesos go to the Toyota.

06/16/2024, 13:24

Lap 16/25 | Only one change in the relaunch

Benvenuti passed Castellano to place 4th. Go ahead, everything the same. On the other hand, Andy Jakos saw the black flag and was excluded from the race.

06/16/2024, 13:22

Lap 14/25 | Touch and pace car!

Elio Craparo touched down with Andy Jakos and they both spun. Unfortunately, The Dodge driver had to be removed with the tow truck.

06/16/2024, 13:18

Return 12/25 | There is a new third

Jonatan Castellano could not contain the Gini tubewho had been harassing him for several laps, and was overtaken.

Jonatan Castellano came fourth. (ACTC Press)

06/16/2024, 13:16

Return 10/25 | The two battle fronts at the top

In front, The fight is for first and third place: Ciantini is glued to Ledesma’s tail, and Gini, to Castellano’s, with whom he was so close that he even gave him a kiss on the rear bumper.

06/16/2024, 13:06

Lap 4/25 | Werner stayed!

Ford’s benchmark, third in the championship, abandoned due to mechanical failure. Bombshell.

Werner’s Mustang said enough… (Road Tourism Press)

06/16/2024, 13:05

Lap 3/25 | Roles reversed in the relaunch

This time, Ledesma had the rope and Ciantini went to the outside. As at the beginning of the race, The one who attacked from the inside took first position.

06/16/2024, 13:03

Lap 2/25 | Pace car while #34 is taken off the track

06/16/2024, 12:58

The TC final is over!

Ciantini beat Ledesma to the rope, but couldn’t hold it when he reached the straight: The man from Mar del Plata, who in qualifying had broken the lap record for the category on the circuit, devoured it.

06/16/2024, 12:40

Abbondanzieri was present at the TC in Rafaela

El Pato, former goalkeeper for Boca and the Argentine National Team, but also a great fan of the irons, appeared at the Oval. “I’m happy to be here, a great racetrack to watch races.. We are going to see a great final,” she commented.

Throughout his career, Pato Abbondanzieri showed his passion for cars.

06/16/2024, 12:30

How the final of the TC in Rafaela starts

For having won the fastest series, Diego Ciantini will start first in the final. Next to him, the poleman, Christian Ledesma. Behind, to complete the Top 10: Castellano-Gini, Ardusso-Quijada, Craparo-Santero and Benvenuti-Mangoni.

06/16/2024, 12:15

El Chivo smiles: Palazzo won the TC Pista final

It is not Ford’s day, relegated in the TC (his best representative, Julián Santero, was 3rd in his series) and also in the TC Pista: although he started ahead, Jeremías Olmedo could not contain Hernán Palazzo’s Chevywho took the victory.

06/16/2024, 11:40

Before the TC, a little snack: the final of the TC Pista is coming

From 11:45, TC Pista will accelerate for the final in Rafaela. In the first row, Olmedo and Palazzo. Ford and Chevrolet, like all life.

06/16/2024, 11:07

Ciantini won the third series of the TC

There were never any doubts: the Bochita, on top of a Chevy that has proven very fast throughout the season, won from end to end. Gini and Santero finished behind him.

Diego Ciantini started ahead and never let go of the lead. (ACTC Press)

06/16/2024, 11:05

Round 3/5 | Santero is on

The championship leader he put his trunk into Lambirisreached the chicane ahead and placed himself as the new third in the series.

06/16/2024, 10:59

The third series of the TC is underway!

Bochita Ciantini put the Chevytook first place and is already looking down on everyone from the top.

06/16/2024, 10:53

The grid for the third battery

Ciantini and Gini will be in the first row; in the second, Santero and Lambiris, and in the third; Trucco and Landa.

06/16/2024, 10:45

Castellano won the second series of the TC

The pilot of dodge He took advantage of the fights behind him, escaped and won without problems.

Jonatan Castellano dominated the second series of the TC. (Photo: ACTC).

06/16/2024, 10:37

Lap 1/5 | Urcera touched Spataro and turned him around

It was in the chicane, after Urcera went too far and, wanting to relocate, touched Spataro at the height of the right rear wheel.

06/16/2024, 10:35

The second series of the TC is underway!

Castellano left alone. Behind him, tole-tole between Quijada and Bonelliwho had passed him on the outside before the chicane and ended up in the grass.

06/16/2024, 10:17

The grid for the second battery

In the first row, Castellano and Quijada; in the second, Bonelli and Urcera, and in the third, Werner and Benvenuti.

06/16/2024, 10:16

Ledesma took the first series of the TC

The man from Mar del Plata held off Ardusso, who never worried him but always followed him closely, to take the first battery (his 65th in the category). Craparo finished in third place.

Christian Ledesma, the polesitter, won his heat. (Guillermo Cejas / ACTC Press)

06/16/2024, 10:12

Round 3/5 | Touch of companions!

Martínez and Londero touched each other and ended up turned around. Fritzler, for his part, had an engine failure.

06/16/2024, 10:11

Lap 1/5 | Ferrante got lost

For a touch with Risatti in the middle of the chicane, the green Toyota turned on its side and marched towards the grass.

06/16/2024, 10:06

The first series of the TC is underway!

Ledesma kept the rope in the Camaro-Chevy bid with Ardusso and took the lead. In the background there was a scattering, but without abandonments.

06/16/2024, 10:00

The first series of the TC is coming in Rafaela

In the initial battery, the first three rows will be made up of Ledesma-Ardusso, Mangoni-Fritzler and Mazzacane-Craparo. It takes off in less than five minutes.

06/16/2024, 09:30

Who will start in the three series in Rafaela?

The first series will be commanded by Christian Ledesma, with Ardusso at his side; the next, for Jonathan Castellanowith Quijada at his side, and the last one, Diego Ciantiniwith Gini by his side.

06/16/2024, 09:00

The Rafaela Oval, home of the TC and… of the IndyCar?

He February 28, 1971, the USAC National Championship (as IndyCar was known at that time) visited the Rafaela Oval to kick off that year’s championship. The event was called Rafaela 300 Indyand it was the only time that the highest category of Yankee single-seaters came to the country. Learn more about this story.

The IndyCars of that era at the Rafaela Oval. Crazy. (Atlético de Rafaela)

06/16/2024, 08:30

Ford did not have a good Saturday in Rafaela

The Oval brand, which historically made the difference with the power of its engine, had a bad day on saturday: In the classification, which had a polesitter from Chevrolet (Christian Ledesma) and five other Chivos in the Top 10, only one Ford was able to sneak in: Julián Santero, the leader of the championship.

Santero, the best representative of Ford so far. (ACTC Press)

06/16/2024, 08:00

Christian Ledesma, polesitter and record in Rafaela

What of Christian Ledesma It was historic, and for more reasons than one: not only did he take pole position breaking the circuit lap record (from the category, since stronger competitions such as IndyCar have left their mark on the Oval), a 1m26s109 that left behind the 1m26s328 of Juan Manuel Silva (Ford) in 2019, but gave the Camaro the first pole in its history.

Christian Ledesma took pole position in Rafaela. (Guillermo Cejas / ACTC Press)

06/16/2024, 07:30

How is the top of the TC championship?

Julián Santero, with his Ford Falcon, is the leader of the championship with 190 points and one victory. José Manuel Urcera, with his Ford Mustang, is second to him with 186.5 units, and in third place is, with the same model, Mariano Werner, with 170.

06/16/2024, 07:00

Time and where to watch the series and the final of the TC in Rafaela

This Sunday, at the Rafaela Oval, there will be three series of five laps from the 10.05 (10.30 and 10.55, the remaining ones), while the final race will be at 12:55 (30 laps or 50 minutes). The entire day will be broadcast by Public TVon TV, and the app motorplayonline.

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