The harsh decision of Lorenzo Somaschini’s parents after the death of the 9-year-old pilot

The harsh decision of Lorenzo Somaschini’s parents after the death of the 9-year-old pilot
The harsh decision of Lorenzo Somaschini’s parents after the death of the 9-year-old pilot

Three days passed since the death of Lorenzo Somaschini, but the shock lasts. The 9-year-old boy pilot died due to severe head trauma caused by a fall from his motorcycle, during the free practice sessions of the Junior Cup, valid for the 4th stage of SuperBike Brazil, in Interlagos. And the world of motorsports is experiencing a mourning that reached the great sports figures, who sent their condolences to the family through posts on the networks.

The Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo, whom he himself Somaschini had as his greatest reference, he wrote in his Instagram stories: “My heart breaks because I was also his idol and he had my number. Unfortunately motorcycles can give us everything, but they can also take everything from us at any moment. A hug strong to the family and RIP (rest in peace), Lolo.”

The last interview with Lorenzo Somaschini

Many users turned to little Lolo’s Instagram account to leave a message of final goodbye, but as the hours passed, comments appeared that questioned whether a 9-year-old child could practice a risky sport at those levels, so Initially, Lorenzo’s parents decided to close the possibility of commenting on the posts of a profile that had more than 10,000 followers before the accident.

However, two days after the death of Lorenzo Somaschini and with the repercussions of the unfortunate event in all the media, the issue escalated in public opinion and the parents of the child pilot made the tough decision to delete their Instagram account.

Lorenzo Somaschini’s Instagram account, @loloessomaspro, was deleted from the social network.

What Lorenzo’s parents said about his decision to be a pilot when he was 9 years old

In April of this year, when asked about the decision to authorize his son to compete on a motorcycle, Alfredo Somaschini told the Rosario newspaper La Capital: “This running thing happened little by little, that is the reality. At first I only wanted him to ride motorcycles with all the protection elements, nothing more.”

“Those who trained him always highlighted his qualities. We thought he was too young to compete, but well, time went by and now we will see him on the track,” highlighted Lolo’s father, who in those days was preparing to make his debut on the track. emblematic Oscar and Juan Gálvez racetrack in Buenos Aires. “The goal is to finish the race. This activity takes a lot of time and is all new for us, because we don’t come from the background. We support him in everything, but at the same time he knows that he has obligations like that. do school and practice,” Alfredo remarked.

“The one who insisted the most for Lolo to race was Diego Pierluigi (former pilot and his instructor). He always saw conditions for him, but we only took him to his academy so he could learn to ride motorcycles,” added Lolo’s father.

“We know that he is the smallest in the division. But since in our country there is no less category, there was no choice but to go up to Junior Cup, which are motorcycles of 200 and 250 displacements,” clarified the father of Lorenzo Somaschini. And about Lolo’s dream of racing in MotoGP, he responded: “Only God knows. We are going to accompany him in everything we can, because it is not easy. Sponsor required. But this is just beginning. We do not know the end or ceiling or put it. For now we just enjoy seeing him happy.”

The Pain of the Instructor by Lorenzo Somaschini

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