The acidic phrase that Gustavo Alfaro dedicated to his detractors after the draw against Brazil :: Olé

The acidic phrase that Gustavo Alfaro dedicated to his detractors after the draw against Brazil :: Olé
The acidic phrase that Gustavo Alfaro dedicated to his detractors after the draw against Brazil :: Olé

06/25/2024 06:02am.

Gustavo Alfaro overshadowed the debut of Brazil in the America Cup. With a strong defensive block, Costa Rica prevented Verdeamarela from opening the scoring and achieved a historic draw. However, The team led by the Argentine was underestimated in the preview because of the difference that exists between both schools. Therefore, once the match was over, the Los Ticos coach dedicated an acidic phrase to all those who questioned the performance of his team.

I hope they start looking at us with respect because we are a team that is going to fight from order,” he said at a press conference. Immediately afterwards, he declared: “We were all assumed dead before the movie started. We show that we did not come to walk“.

Following the same line, the coach explained how he planned the game and what points were vital to stop the rival. “What we were clear about was their strategy.. If Brazil came from the inside and proposed internal play, it was because they wanted to propose a one-on-one game on the wings. We had to have the center of the field well closed so that they do not find the spaces. When they were on the flanks, we had to be doubled up on the marks to stop Raphinha, Vinicius or Rodrygo.who changed positions”.

Although for many it was the simplest team in Group D, the debut put it in doubt. “The important thing about all this is to give answers to the complexities that the rival has. Obviously it is easy to fall into the commonplace that the absence of spaces favored Costa Rica because Brazil could not find them, because the size of the field had them, but I think that There was good work from the defensive block in the middle of the field and the Costa Rica defense“he indicated.

In turn, he was calm and referred to Costa Rica’s possible qualification for the 2026 World Cup. “There are things that (the footballers) are going to have to improve because in the World Cup the playing fields and the speed of the ball… are going to have to improve“, he assumed.

Looking ahead to the next matches ahead against Colombia and Paraguaythe coach insisted: “Every game is a story in itself. Hopefully this game, this teaching, this challenge that we have faced, will help us grow. The important thing is that the boys had the temperance, the ability to go through discomfort and to suffer. “And he closed:”We are going to play all the games as if they were the final“.

How was the standings for Group D of the Copa América?

With the victory he achieved against Paraguay by 2 to 1, Colombia remained like him sole pointer in the Group D standings of the Copa América with three units to his name. Then, they escort him with one point each Brazil and Costa Rica, who tied without goals in the first match. Already in fourth place were the men of Daniel Garnerowho started the competition off on the wrong foot.

Video: the summary of the match between Brazil and Costa Rica

With a goal disallowed due to an offside position and important possession of the ball, Brazil failed to break the zero goal and took only one point against the Costa Rica of Gustavo Alfaro in his debut for the America Cup.

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