Market super: this is how River and Boca bid for Valentín Gómez :: Olé

Market super: this is how River and Boca bid for Valentín Gómez :: Olé
Market super: this is how River and Boca bid for Valentín Gómez :: Olé

06/22/2024 9:23 p.m.

It’s been going on forever. But more and more often: River and Mouth They not only play 90-minute superclásicos during the Argentine soccer season, but they also do it when there is no soccer. The friendly classics of the breaks in Mar del Plata, Mendoza or Córdoba have no longer been organized for some years, but there are other disputes, and they are for points and dollars too: The transfer markets became another plane of the modern River-Boca. And the new chapter has a name that is a priority today to strengthen the defense of the two largest clubs in the country: Valentin Gomez.

Gómez played in the U20 World Cup with Argentina (Photo by Hector Vivas FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

The left-handed central defender from Vélez has been the name that River has been targeting for some time to provide variants to a position in which he has no alternatives to Paulo Díaz: the only official second defenders on the squad are a Ramiro Funes Mori who has not given physical guarantees for a while due to synovitis in the left knee and a David Martinez that in the next few hours he will join Pumas de México. And Boca also needs to provide certainty to a defense that suffered problems throughout the semester between the recurring injuries of Rojo, Figal and Anselmino, the disparate performances of Lema and the club’s decision to hang Valentini for not renewing his contract. The loss of the blond, the only substitute left-handed centre-back, is what makes the search for Gómez necessary to cover a place that only has a natural 6, a Rojo who, between expulsions and especially his two injuries so far in 2024, was missing in many games.

Yes, they both have good reasons to look for the young Fortín marker who will turn 21 in three days. And Vélez also has his reasons for wanting to sell it expensive: with a maturity that led him to be the captain of the team led by Gustavo Quinteros, Gómez is a key piece for CAVS, which valued his record at US$10,000,000 in the last renewal of a contract that is valid until the end of 2026. Although Liniers accept that the youth player will appear in this market, they prefer to explore the chances of a transfer abroad: today there are polls from outside that have not yet been translated into formal offers. The proposals that are concrete are, precisely, those of River and Boca…

What Vélez asks of River and Boca for Gómez

Vélez asks Bover for an equivalent of 10M but in different variables such as keeping part of Valentine’s pass and making money with a future sale or with a footballer as part of the payment. From CARP, he demands 7.5 million net for 75% of the token while from CABJ about 8.5 million plus Vicente Taborda for 80% of VG. The difficulty, in any case, runs for the two giants of the country and has to do with the price of the dollar that they request from the Amalfitani offices: Vélez wants the money he receives through Valentín to be valued at the exchange rate of the MEP dollar.

River went so far as to reach those US$7,500,000 for 75% in its last offer, but at the official dollar value: there are many pesos of difference. Even so, Núñez is preparing a new proposal and announcing that there could be positive developments between Monday and Tuesday for a central defender whom they followed throughout the year. Gómez was chosen in the search patterns of the club’s scouting teamwho this season was asked to study the performance and development of three young left-footed defenders: Zaid Romero (the Estudiantes defender, already sold to Belgium), Santiago Ramos Mingo and his own Valentin Gomez. Thus, and with fluid dialogue with the marker’s agents for weeks, River promises to go all out for him.

The celebration of Valentín Gómez’s goal (Fotobaires).

And Boca is not far behind: If the multimillion-dollar sale of Aaron Anselmino to Chelsea is completed, the Football Council led by Riquelme does not rule out using part of that eventual fresh money to invest in Gómez who has just been a figure for Fortín in the last game in which they crossed paths. in the Bombonera.

Although both clubs have the potential to take him and the final decision will also depend on Vélez’s demands.the modalities for negotiating are different in terms of seducing the footballer: just as it happened with Facundo Colidio and in this same market with Adam Bareiro, Boca’s style is to speak directly with the players and the clubs and not with the agents, something that River does do and that worked to win the last strong fight, which was Colidio itself. There were many at this time with uneven results: Villagra received a call from Boca before moving on to Núñez, Rojo answered the phone of a certain Gallardo when his arrival in Boca was advanced, Aliendro stood up CABJ to wear the Band and so there were many more in all these years. The result of this last Super is still uncertain…

Valentín Gómez, central defender of Fortín, rests before the second semester. Instagram valentingomez31

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