Lando Norris: What is known about the sexuality of the Formula 1 driver

This is all that is known about the sexuality and partner of the pilot Lando Norris. / Photo: Instagram (@landonorris)

Some motorsport fans have theorized that British-Belgian driver Lando Norris may be bisexual, here’s what is known about his partner and sexuality.

Lando Norris is a Formula 1 driver.Belongs to the McLaren teamfor a time some followers of this sport have been asked about your sexuality, couple and even possible bisexuality.

In 2023 the 74th season of the Formula 1 World Championship takes place of the story, which is organized by the International Automobile Federation. 21 pilots who are distributed in 10 teams compete in it.

Who is Lando Norris?

Lando Norris was born on November 13, 1999 in Bristol, UK. In addition to having English nationality by being born in said territory, He also has Belgian nationality, because his mother is from that country. During his childhood, Norris practiced various sports such as horse riding and motorcycling. In the end, the discipline with which he stayed and stood out was that of the cars. DISCOVER WHAT IS KNOWN ABOUT THE SEXUALITY OF FOOTBALL PLAYER KYLIAN MBAPPÉ.

His career in Formula 1 began in 2017 when he was a development driver for the McLaren team. Since then, he has participated in this team with very positive overall results. The best position in the general table was achieved in 2021 by obtaining sixth place.

What is known about Lando Norris’s sexuality and why have some people believed that he is bisexual?

Hypotheses that Lando could be bisexual began to circulate on the internet due to a TikTok video. In said clip he appeared looking very closely at another man, Lando wears an orange shirt. The subject that Norris scans with his eyes is the baseball player Paul Goldschmidthe is part of the team of the St. Louis Cardinals of the Major Leagues. LOOK AT THE LGBT+ ATHLETES WHO ARE OUT OF THE CLOSET.

While it’s just a look (possibly admiring), that seems to get the attention of people on TikTok, who have speculated about the athlete’s sexuality. However, This isn’t the first time Norris has faced prejudice from some people who think he’s bisexual or gay. CHECK THE HELMET WITH WHICH THE PILOT LEWIS HAMILTON PROTESTED IN FAVOR OF THE LGBT+ COMMUNITY.

In the past this happened due to a video in which Norris explains some of the shapes on his helmet. In the back there is only silhouettes of two women and Lando made the following comment:

“No men, sadly.”

It is unknown if in 2023 Lando has a partner. What is real is that to date he has only been known to have a formal sentimental link and it is a girl. From 2021 to 2022 the pilot had a relationship with Luisa Oliveiraa Portuguese model.

Lando Norris Formula 1 driver girlfriend couple Luisa Oliveira photos sexuality

Lando with Luisa. / Photo: Instagram (@landonorris)

Did you know this about the racing driver?

With information from TikTok and Wikipedia

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