thousands of users are exposed

thousands of users are exposed
thousands of users are exposed

This weekend there was a lot of expectation about what the Nothing app would be capable of sending messages in blue from an Android mobile to an Apple iPhone. In a few hours, several security flaws were found, so that even the other app launched by Sunbird is now closed until these problems that have exposed thousands of messages and photos from users are resolved.

The funny thing about everything that happened this past weekend is that within hours of the Nothing app being made publicthe security flaws have already been found and it makes one thing very clear: it is an Android app that has touched a very sacred space for Apple, that of messages in blue.

Until the agreement with Nothing to launch Nothing Chats, Sunbird had almost been unknown, and even its app has been on Android offering the possibility of sending messages to iMessage, but it has only It took a few hours for the errors to be discovered privacy and security of the Nothing app so that it now sends a message to users to notify them that their own Sunbird app is momentarily paused.

Uncovered in a few hours

From 9to5Google they claim that They found 630,000 files that could be accessed in a very simple way and thus show that end-to-end encryption was not present in the Nothing app. At least, Sunbird claims, the data was not stored on its own servers, although it was stored through Firebase (a cloud platform for app development).

The Nothing’s response was to block Nothing Chats downloads and sending a message warning that the use of the app had been paused. Almost soon Sunbird made the same decision for its own services and thus sent a notification warning that the use of the app had also been paused while the entire privacy problem that occurred was resolved.

Sunbird warns of the temporary closure of the app


The free Android

And just within hours of the notice of the closure of the app, Sunbird sent another notification to users to warn them that only the use of the sharing function has been blocked media in the app. So at this time Sunbird has closed the door and it is unknown when she intends to return. A very peculiar moment for Nothing because in its short life it had not encountered any bumps and this is the first obstacle in its path since it began to launch devices of great interest in several markets.

We will have to wait for the response from Nothing and Carl Pei regarding their app that allowed sending messages in blue from an Android mobile to an iPhone; quite a feat that has been left uncovered. At least for know if Pei will continue developing Nothing Chats or you will finally give up on your efforts to be able to send messages in blue from an Android smartphone.

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