PS5 Pro leaks new details of its power

PS5 Pro leaks new details of its power
PS5 Pro leaks new details of its power

New information about the Sony console that would arrive this year points to great power to surpass everything that has been seen so far

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Everything indicates that next week the PlayStation Showcase 2024 could be held once and for all, through which the Japanese firm will announce the big news that remains to be revealed in the remainder of the year and beyond, with the possibility of seeing the new Naughty Dog project for PS5. However, one of the big news that is sensed is the presentation of PS5 Pro, which has once again leaked new details of its power.

To be more specific, the GPU that will make up the guts of the Sony console which should arrive at some point to be determined in 2024. The important thing about these details is that they come from the hand of a reputable medium such as Digital Foundrywho reveal some data unknown to date that demonstrate that Sony would put a real technical beast on the market.

The PS5 Pro GPU would be 45% more efficient than the current model

Through these new details that have been offered about PS5 Pro, a clear comparison of the new console with the base model can be made, demonstrating the great performance that this new GPU would provide to improve the fluidity and appearance of games to play on the new machine. These are the features leaked by Digital Foundry:

  • The GPU speed will be 2.18GHzalthough it could reach expand up to 2.35 GHz
  • There will be an increase in L1 cache of the PS5 Pro GPU compared to the original PS5: it will pass from 128KB to 256KB. For his part, the L0 cache it will happen from 16KB to 32KB
  • This renewed GPU will offer support for major technologies DirectX 12

There is no doubt that The data that is being offered about PS5 Pro is very promisingso we will have to wait for Sony itself to confirm all the rumors that are emerging in relation to the console and certify that the remaining 4 years of the generation are as spectacular as possible.

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