The new era in portable gaming: MSI Claw joins the competition

The world of portable gaming has experienced a significant renaissance in recent years, especially after the launch of the Steam Deck by Valve, which marked a before and after in this segment. Given this scenario, MSI did not want to be left behind and has announced its new portable console: MSI Claw. This innovation comes with the promise of not only competing with giants like Nintendo and Valve, but also setting a new standard for power and performance in the market.

Innovation and power at the heart of MSI Claw

MSI has made a firm commitment to innovation with the launch of MSI Claw, integrating the latest in processing and graphics technology. The heart of this portable console is the new Intel Core Ultra, available in two variants: the 5 135H and the 7 155H. This processor far surpasses its competitors in terms of performance, establishing MSI Claw as the most powerful console in its category.

In addition to the processor, the Claw is distinguished by its ARCTM integrated graphics system, which offers unprecedented graphics performance thanks to its up to 8 Xe cores. Complemented by XeSS supersampling technology, this system ensures a fluid and immersive gaming experience. This technical capability not only promises to revolutionize the way we experience high-demand games, but also opens the door to exploring emerging and trending game genres, such as casino jackpot games. The power and graphical capabilities of MSI Claw could offer fans of this type of game an unparalleled experience, bringing the excitement and dynamism of casinos to the palm of their hands.

A design that makes a difference

MSI Claw not only stands out for its internal performance, but also for its exterior design and ergonomic features. With a 7-inch Full HD touchscreen and a 120Hz refresh rate, it offers a visually stunning experience. Its ergonomic design adapts to various hand sizes, significantly improving comfort during long gaming sessions.

Balance between performance and autonomy

One of the most critical aspects of portable consoles is the balance between power and autonomy. The game console promises to lead on both fronts, thanks to its 53 Wh battery that, in theory, offers up to 2 hours of use at maximum charge. However, the real challenge will be to see how the device’s low-power TDP performs in practice.

Storage is another strong point of the console, offering options up to a maximum of 1 TB PCIe Gen 4, as well as support for microSD cards. This allows users to enjoy a vast library of games without worrying about space.

A promising future for portable gaming

The launch of MSI Claw is not only exciting news for portable gaming enthusiasts, but also signals MSI’s commitment to innovation and competition in this market. With features such as the Intel Core Ultra processor, ARCTM graphics technology and an ergonomic design, the portable game console is destined to become a benchmark.

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