completely filtered before presentation

completely filtered before presentation
completely filtered before presentation

There is about a month left for Samsung to present its new range of folding phones among which it will shine once again the Galaxy Z Fold 6, the book format model, which this year could even be a little more expensive than usual. But now all the details of this new model have been leaked, with its complete technical sheet. And one more year, and there are already quite a few, the new model does not seem like it will be a revolution within the range, but rather it will receive just the right new features, the least that can be expected from a phone like this.

Everything the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will offer us

The latest leak details line by line the technical sheet of the new folding phone. In which his 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, which arrives with a QXGA+ resolution of 2160×1856 pixels. Its refresh rate is variable, from 1Hz to 120Hz. On the outside we have a slightly larger, slightly wider, 6.3-inch screen, which has an HD+ resolution of 2376 x 986 pixels.

This also has a variable refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz, and is compatible with the S Pen Fold Edition. As far as power is concerned, the new phone will debut the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, will not finally arrive with the 8s, and will be accompanied by up to 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage, as we have seen in previous generations. The camera will again have the same sensor configuration.

So much so that it will have three, being the first 50 megapixel, and will be accompanied by a 10 megapixel telephoto lens with 3x zoom. It will also offer a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle. In front, the selfie camera will be 10 megapixels, while the classic sensor under the screen will continue to be inside the folding screen, with a resolution of 4 megapixels.

In the field of connectivity we will have Wifi 6, something that surprises us a lot, since we should expect at least Wifi 7, but everything is possible of course. There will also be Bluetooth 5.3 and a USB Type-C connector, as well as eSIM support like its predecessors. The battery will be again 4400mAh, and will charge just as fast as its predecessors. Therefore, we are looking at a mobile phone very similar to previous versions, perhaps too much so.

And based on the fact that the design will be practically the same, with that small detail of a slightly larger width, very little, the rest of the phone It will only change in a specific characteristic. And it will be its power, since the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor will be the least we could expect from a new phone like this. And not even that, since we are talking about the fact that there are already mobile phones on the market with the Snapdragon 8s, more advanced than this model. And to this we must add that in the last few hours it has been leaked that the price will be higher than last year, for practically the same reason.

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