Instant cameras to immortalize your summer vacations

Instant cameras to immortalize your summer vacations
Instant cameras to immortalize your summer vacations

With the arrival of summer, vacations also come, spending time away from home and taking advantage of it to take the best photos with which we will build all our memories. Although we have become accustomed to always carrying a camera on our mobile phone, there are still many users who They prefer to have physical photos on paper.

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Digital photography has not put an end to analogue photography thanks to instant cameras and nostalgic people. There are still many users who prefer to keep their memories printed on paper. Instant cameras have been able to adapt to the times and offer us everything we are looking for. That is why they are preferred by many users. Since they allow immortalize the moment and have it printed in our hand in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for one of these cameras to take advantage of the good weather, you can choose between these options.

A model that has been on the market for some time and is highly valued by users is the Polaroid Now Gen 2. It is an analog camera made with recycled materials that works with a lithium-ion battery and port. USB-C charging. With which we can take a shot or make a double exposure. It has flash and self-timer. A full color camera compatible with film 600 and iType. Available in various colors that we can purchase for 109.99 euros.

Another highly recommended camera is the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300.UA camera that offers us a larger format than its competitors. It has LCD screen, programmable flash shutteras well as exposure auto focus. It works with 4 batteries and includes Close-up lens adapter. It has a Spot objective lens as well as 95mm f/14 0.37 retractable optical viewfinder. Its price is 230 euros.

The Kodak Printomatic It is another model to take into account. In addition to the face, it includes a case and strap for transport. Count with one 5MP sensor and f/2 wide-angle lens. It also allows you to store snapshots in a micro SD memory, so we can reprint the images whenever we want on its high-quality paper. No ink cartridge needed, use the Kodak Zink photo paper. So small and compact that we can store it in any pocket. Its price is 89.99 euros and is available in various colors.

Finally, for the most purists, the Lomo ‘Instant Wide Combo It is an instant camera that has a programmable shutter with automatic functions. 90mm lens that allows unlimited multi-exposure of the film. Compatible with Fujifilm Instax Wide film. Its price is 199 euros.

A wide range of options with which to enjoy summer and photography. Above all, for lovers of paper photos who do not want to wait to see the result. Something that is becoming widespread among users who want to combine digital photography with analogue. Those who like charm take out the souvenir box full of photographs that we can see and touch.

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