Cndido Conde-Pumpido Varela, in the eye of the hurricane

Cndido Conde-Pumpido Varela, in the eye of the hurricane
Cndido Conde-Pumpido Varela, in the eye of the hurricane

Cndido Conde-Pumpido, in an archive image JOS RUIZ / Europa Press

The son of the president of the Constitutional Court was arrested for the alleged rape of a Brazilian prostitute in November, but the cameras at his home proved that his testimony was false. The woman, who had thirty criminal records in her country, withdrew the complaint. Last April, the 43-year-old lawyer was arrested for an alleged assault on an ex-partner

07 May 2024 . Updated at 11:33 a.m.

Cndido Conde-Pumpido Jr. add and continue. The son of the president of the Constitutional Court has been making headlines since last November. The last one this Monday, when the lawyer was urgently admitted to the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid after being involved in an altercation at the Mediaset facilities.

Cndido Conde-Pumpido Varela appeared at the entrances to the venue in apparent nervous and drunk state, after arriving driving your own car to the facilities. The lawyer demanded some images mentioning data protection regulations. The altercation reached a point where the agents who appeared at Mediaset confirmed that Conde-Pumpido Jr. was under the influence of narcotics. In turn, the Samur staff transferred him to the hospital considering that suffer a psychotic break.

April 2024: complaint for assault

Just a few days ago, on April 26, the Civil Guard arrested the son of the president of the Constitutional Court in the Madrid town of Villalba for an alleged crime of sexist violence. The lawyer was reported by a Brazilian woman, who claimed that Conde-Pumpido Varela had attacked her while they were in a car on the A-6 heading north to the Community of Madrid. The woman, who claimed to have been his girlfriend for three years, reported that, during an argument, He would have attacked her and tried to strangle her with a cell phone charger cable. The woman, according to her testimony, escaped from the car and the lawyer fled. Always in accordance with the statement of the alleged victim, the lawyer He threatened to kill her if she did not get out of the vehicle.

At that moment, the alleged victim, with whom he would have resumed the romantic relationship, called 112 and reported the lawyer, who was transferred to the Tres Cantos Civil Guard Headquarters in Madrid.

After appearing before the head of the Court of Violence against Women number 2 of Madrid, Conde-PumpidoVarela was released.

What happens during a psychotic break? The patient can see people, objects and situations that are not occurring

The Voice of Health

November 2023: rape complaint

Months before, another case attracted attention. First, because of the complaint, and then, because of the intricate nature of the case.

Conde-Pumpido, 43, was arrested November 3, 2023, after a prostitute, also of Brazilian origin, reported that she had been raped repeatedly by the lawyer and two other men after being kidnapped from her chalet in San Blas, Madrid.

Always according to the testimony of Aline Fernanda de Sequeira, once at Conde Pumpido’s home, where she had gone to perform a service for a single client hired through an agency, she was assaulted by the lawyer and two friends, who They were forced to maintain relations with all of them, despite the prostitute’s insistent refusals.

Conde-Pumpido Varela spent several hours in court, but He was released. Both he and the other two detainees (a Spaniard and a Venezuelan) maintained that the woman’s accusations were false. Something to which the magistrate gave credence due to an unexpected detail. Conde-Pumpido has cameras inside his shawlThe viewing of the images collected by the house’s security cameras do not correspond to the complainant’s account of the events, the judge explained in her release order. In the images, the complainant is seen located in different rooms of the house, kitchen, bedroom, outside of the house in the company of Conde-Pumpido on some occasions and alone on other occasions. Specifically, the complainant and the accused can be observed in one of the bedrooms for several hours, entering and leaving, drinking, etc. Without being able to guess any situation that coincides with her account of events, her instructor settled.

The young woman also underwent a medical examination at the Infanta Sofa University Hospital in San Sebastin de los Reyes, which showed that she suffered minor injuries, but that there was no evidence of others on her genitals.

A trap?

Weeks later, the woman who denounced the son of the president of the Constitutional Court withdrew the complaint. The young woman assured that she was not of her mental faculties when the events occurred and that she had drunk from her.

This case, which could have been resolved in this way, continued in a surprising way when it was learned that in December, Aline Fernanda de Sequeira was arrested by members of the UCO, the Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard, in Malaga for a search and arrest warrant in force against her in Brazil. Aline is accused of an attempted murder that took place in March 2022 in Sao Paulo after allegedly stabbing a man. After her arrest, it emerged that the 37-year-old woman has thirty criminal records in her country.

Conde-Pumpido’s lawyer claimed that his client had been the victim of a trap and went so far as to suggest that the Brazilian had been sent by someone for some spurious purpose that he did not want to reveal. According to the testimony of Ricardo Álvarez Osorio, the complainant had already approached Conde-Pumpido a few days ago in a bar. And since then, he had settled in the house of his client. That version, according to police sources, would be confirmed by the security cameras provided by the son of the president of the Constitutional Court.

She begins a relationship with him of an intensity that is not proportional to the novelty of the relationship, very obsessive and insistent, denounced the lawyer, who stated that his client never paid him money and she never asked him for it either.

He had been asking her for 24 hours to please leave because he couldn’t take it anymore, explained Álvarez Osorio, who stated that Conde-Pumpido on the morning of November 3 asked his driver to take the young Brazilian to his house. and she, hysterical, told him no. And then, after an outburst of anger, the girl threatened to spread the alleged rape to the press, call the police and ruin her life.

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