Michael Jordan’s comment to man who made million dollar shot at NBA game left him stunned

The man who made the famous million dollar shot in a basketball game revealed that Michael Jordan helped him get his money.

During a timeout in the third quarter of Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat back in April 1994, Don Calhoun, an office supply salesman, stunned everyone in attendance by making a three-quarter court shot with a whopping $1 million on the line.

He threw the ball 80 feet as he landed an incredible basket following his incredible effort from the free throw line on the other side of the court.

19 people had tried and failed before Calhoun nailed his shot as he became famous for his legendary moment.

But retrieving the prize proved harder than expected as NBA legend Jordan played a huge role.

The insurance company refused to pay out, arguing that because Calhoun had played college basketball, he broke the competition’s rules.

The event’s sponsors intervened and promised to reward him for his million dollar shot.

For the next 20 years, I have bagged an annual payment of $50,000.

Michael Jordan in action for the Chicago Bulls. Image: Getty

Michael Jordan in action for the Chicago Bulls. Image: Getty

Calhoun had been sharing the court with Jordan, who told him ‘great shot kid’ in a surreal moment.

He met Jordan again after wanting to get the icon’s signature on the ball he’d made the shot with.

Calhoun heard from a friend that Jordan always went to see one of his kids play basketball at their school, so the million dollar shot man showed up with his ball in the hopes of getting his signature on it.

According to Calhoun, Jordan asked him: “Did you get your money?”

Jordan then stunned the lad, adding: “We made them give it to you. We were upset that they were trying not to pay you.”

Calhoun also got Jordan’s signature on the ball after he was sent to his steakhouse, where he said he’d sign and return it.

While he was worried that he’d never see his prized possession again, he decided to trust Jordan and he later got a call from the steakhouse telling him: “Michael signed it and he wishes you well.”

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