the incredible discovery on Mars that confirms scientists’ theories

The American space agency revealed the incredible discovery on the red planet. The evidence was collected thanks to the images of the Curiosity rover.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) confirmed that in August of last year They discovered signs of mountains and wet and dry seasons on Mars. This finding supports scientists’ theories about what the Red Planet was like in the past.

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The US space agency revealed that the discovery was thanks to the images captured by the Curiosity roverwhich is exploring Mars with the aim of finding materials and data that can contribute to the construction of the planet’s history.

The details of NASA’s discovery on Mars


NASA found signs of mountains and wet and dry seasons on Mars.

The discovery of the POT revealed that the planet had wet and dry seasons -just like the Earth- at some point in its history. This evidence also suggests that Mars hosted Lakes and riverswhich implies that the planet had a active hydrological cycle.

In addition, the Curiosity rover discovered signs that mountains also existed on Mars. This allowed the space agency to confirm that the red planet had a diverse and complex topography at some point in its history.

William Rapinone of the researchers involved in this discovery, spoke about the discovery and maintained that “it can change everything that was known until now about Mars, or at least confirm theories and hypotheses launched during the previous years”.

NASA continues its research on Mars

Research The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Mars started in 2012 and will continue beyond the new and important discoveries since, according to the agency, There is still much to know.

Notable achievements include detection of organic molecules and in-depth study of the planet’s core. At the same time, NASA continues to develop new technologies to carry out other explorations on Mars to have more information about signs of past life, understanding the climate and geology of the planet.

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