800% increase in the gas bill at the Municipal Sports Center

The Mayor of Río Grande Martín Perez, through his Twitter account, expressed his concern about the 800% increase in gas bills at the Municipal Sports Center. It amounts to $1.8 million pesos. This disproportionate increase not only impacts public buildings, but also represents a serious challenge for families and the viability of the commercial sector.

“How can families cope with this increase?” the Mayor questioned, highlighting the difficulty it represents for family budgets and small businesses.

Furthermore, the Mayor pointed out the paradox that Tierra del Fuego is a gas-producing province, but that this is not reflected in fairer rates for local residents.

In response to this situation, the Municipality of Río Grande has taken concrete measures to defend the rights of Rio Grande residents and promote fair rates. An action for protection with a precautionary measure has been processed before the Federal Court, and support has been provided to the provincial government in the same direction.

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