Catastrophe in the United Kingdom? The government page that prepares for any crisis

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The British government published a page that prepares for any crisis or catastrophe in the United Kingdom.

Achis, achis…The British government has surprised both its citizens and social media users because has just published a website in which they explain how you can survive any type of catastrophe or crisis in the United Kingdomwhich has caused people to start making conspiracies or have doubts about the existence of this website.

The United Kingdom page that prepares for a catastrophe

We are not lying to you, here is the website of the United Kingdom government which, as it mentions at the beginning, explains the “simple and effective” steps to be prepared for a catastrophe or emergencywhether it is a flood, a fire, a power outage or even a terrorist attack.

“If an emergency occurred in your area, how would you handle it? What about your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues? Do you know anyone who may need additional help or support?”, reads on the government website.

Illustrative photo: Getty Images // Buckingham Palace.

On the other hand, they explain that the information on the page is designed to help Britons prepare for emergencies, become more informed about the dangers and also take part in activities to support themselves in their communities before, during and after the crisis.

“Taking action now will make it easier to manage if an emergency occurs”is the message of the website created by the United Kingdom government.

What can be found on the website

First it is explained that There are some simple things you can do now to prepare for any crisis.such as checking home smoke alarms at least once a month or write important phone numbers on paper, either to report an emergency or to contact someone who can help.

“Talk to your children about emergencies – teach them how and when to call 999 and what to do if there is an emergency, such as a house fire.”reads on one part of the page, indicating this number as the one you can call if you are in immediate danger.

Illustrative photo: Pexels.

Equal there is a part for alerts and warningsanother to deal with the traumas left by emergencies, and another that warns of interruptions or delays in transport in the United Kingdom.

Then comes specific advice for each hazard class: climate, droughts, fires, floods, dangerous substances, disease outbreaks, emergencies abroad, telephone outages, poor air quality and pollution, power outages, forest fires and even terrorism, among others.

Why was this page created?

According to the United Kingdom government itself, this page was born after a speech given by the Deputy Prime Minister, Oliver Dowden, in which he promised to publish an updated guide on national security.

For example, in this speech the British official indicated that each household I had to have an emergency package with food and water for three daysso that people can be self-sufficient in the event of a national crisis.

Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Photo: @OliverDowden // Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Although he still recommended that Battery-powered or wind-up radios, flashlights, first aid kits, hand sanitizer, and wipes are available. for hygiene, if there is no water.

And finally, the deputy prime minister He assured that he is not “preparing the end of the world” or some catastrophe in the United Kingdomonly by establishing “sensible safeguards.”

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