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“It doesn’t hurt me, it burns me, it hurts me”… Kabosubetter known as ‘Doge’, a Shiba Inu dog famous for starring in endless memes on social networks, died on May 24 at the age of 18, her owner Atsuko Sato announced, and users remembered her along with Cheems , another internet famous dog who died in 2023.

“I fell into a deep sleep, he passed away gently as if he were falling asleep, while being caressed by me, thank you very much for so much love,” Kato shared on the X page dedicated to the dog to announce her death.

Such was the impact that Doge had thanks to his viral photos on the Internet, which inspired the creation of a cryptocurrency called ‘Dogecoin’ which shows Kabosu’s face. It was promoted by Elon Musk on X (formerly Twitter).

What is the history of Doge?

Doge was born in a animal shelter in Japan, but it was abandoned along with 18 other ‘lomitos’ when the place closed (the reasons are unknown). Kabosu was rescued by Kato when he was three years old.

“On November 2, 15 years ago, we welcomed Kabosu to our family. I still remember her on the first day she came home. She was scared, sitting in the corner of the room, motionless and silent. “She just stared at me with those big round eyes,” Kato wrote on the X page. kabosumama.

Doge and Cheems Memes

As a tribute and farewell to Kabosusocial media users shared images of the dog where the encounter with Cheems takes place, whose real name was Balltze and with whom he shared memes.

Users remembered Cheems after Doge’s death. (Capture: Social networks)

‘Cheems’ welcomed ‘Doge’ in heaven, according to X users. (Capture: Social networks)

'Doge' died at the age of 18. (Capture: Social networks)

‘Doge’ died at the age of 18. (Capture: Social networks)

'Doge' was confused with 'Cheems'. (Capture: Social networks)

‘Doge’ was confused with ‘Cheems’. (Capture: Social networks)

'Cheems' died in 2024 and 'Doge' this Friday, May 24. (Capture: Social networks)

‘Cheems’ died in 2024 and ‘Doge’ this Friday, May 24. (Capture: Social networks)

Netizens expressed their sadness over Doge's death. (Capture: Social Networks)

Netizens expressed their sadness over Doge’s death. (Capture: Social Networks)


Cheems went viral in 2017 thanks to an image on his Instagram and was constantly compared to Doge. (Photo: @balltze)


Cheems and Doge memes. (Photo: Social networks)


Memes featuring Cheems and Doge. (Photo: Social networks)

What did Doge die from?

Atsuko Kato, owner of ‘Doge‘, previously shared photos on his social networks where Kabosu appears with a walker that he needed to be able to walk and reported that, in addition to mobility problems, he began to have age-related difficulties. She could not eat on her own and she had to periodically go to the hospital for check-ups.

She was diagnosed with chronic lymphoma and liver disease. Due to complications in ‘Doge’s’ healthdied in Kato’s arms.


Doge went viral for his face, which has been interpreted in various ways. (Photo: Instagram / @kabosumama)

What is chronic lymphoma, a disease that Doge suffered from?

Lymphoma is a cancer present in the blood and lymphatic system, according to the portal Morris Animal Foundationoccurs in middle-aged dogs (9 years being the average).

The symptoms of lymphoma in dogs are the following:

  • Weightloss
  • Lethargy
  • Anorexy
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty breathing

Not all cases of lymphoma will present the same symptoms, these will depend on each dog.


Doge inspired the creation of ‘Dogecoin’. (Photo: Shutterstock) (Shutterstock)

How did Doge, the meme dog, become famous?

In 2010, Atsuko Sato published a photo of Kabosu where the Shiba is seen with a facial expression that was interpreted in multiple ways: concern, curiosity or confusion; the image we all know of Doge.

However, it took three years for it to go viral (in 2013), because his expression caught the attention of several Internet users.

From that moment on it was nicknamed Doge and became the protagonist of countless memes on social networks.

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