at CNG stations, up to one km of queue

at CNG stations, up to one km of queue
at CNG stations, up to one km of queue

Given the advance of the polar wave and the forecast that indicates that there are several days left for the climate to cool down, the national government will move forward with gas cuts to some industries. This, in order to avoid residential supply problems in the midst of demand that has almost doubled in recent weeks. Although the measure has not yet affected the Region, companies are closely following the announcements.

The arrival of the cold in the central area of ​​the country took the Ministry of Energy “by surprise,” which had scheduled the arrival of low temperatures only for the first week of June.

As indicated, the “priority demand” (homes and businesses) is already on track to use almost 80 million cubic meters per day, when in May it usually demands 45 million.

That is why industries with high gas demand, such as lumber, ceramics and plastics, will soon suffer cuts.

From Camuzzi Gas Pampeana, the distributor of the service in the Region, it was indicated that “there are already cuts to some industries in the province of Buenos Aires”, but it was specified that, for now, they do not affect its industrial clients. They are still outside the list that includes CNG stations here.

Sources consulted in the local business sector explained that although cuts were initiated to industries with firm contracts, these are supply reductions with “windows.” This means that consumption is reduced to the technical minimum possible, that is, it is not cut to zero, but rather the shipment is maintained only as necessary to avoid damaging ovens or production lines that could suffer damage if they stop.

In the Region there are hours of anguish due to this problem. Industrial entrepreneurs have already been informed that for now the gas supply cuts only affect the northern part of the country. Although if the weather continues to be this cold, interruptions could be ordered for AMBA, leaving La Plata included.

In Córdoba, an undetermined number of industries began receiving orders this Friday to interrupt the consumption of natural gas for their processes.

This was confirmed by a director of the Industrial Union of Córdoba (UIC), pointing out that the entity has already registered several cases of gas outages due to lack of fluid in the system.

In the energy sector, they detailed that if gas was not cut off to these users due to a lack of product and a drop in pressure in the gas pipelines, power cuts that use gas as an input would have to begin.

In Berisso, on Génova Avenue, several blocks from the line / Cap. Of video

The lack of gas began to affect Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) service stations with interruptible contracts on Tuesday of last week. There are 29 of the 67 in the Region, but the remaining 38 work with a daily quota that increases with the recharge of demand.

Thus, crossed hoses coexist in the landscape with rows of several blocks. Up to a kilometer, according to motorists waiting on Génova Avenue in Berisso.

To the claim that the taxi drivers, Camuzzi and Enargas, already presented to the Municipality, the Buenos Aires Federation of Fuel Suppliers joined, which, through a document letter, demands that Governor Axel Kicillof intervene in the conflict over the supply of CNG.

From the Federation they indicated that the problem also spread in recent days with prolonged outages in the stations with “firm” contracts, that is, in all the establishments in La Plata, which led to a specific notification to Enargas and the distributor. Camuzzi.

However, the latter company denied that the cuts have been extended to service stations with uninterruptible contracts, and they understand that the lack of gas at these pumps may be generated because they run out of stock due to the strong demand.

“The fluid shortage persists and the difficulties in loading gas continue to be daily,” said the president of the Federation, Juan Carlos Basilico.

In this context, Basilico announced that they will request a meeting with Governor Kicillof and the mayor of La Plata, Julio Alak, since in the provincial capital the shortage of CNG hit hard and there are queues at stations of up to a kilometer to charge.


Cammesa, the company in charge of energy dispatch, urgently put out to tender the purchase of 12 shipments of fuel oil and diesel to address the increase in gas consumption. That fuel has not yet arrived and the cold days continue. It was indicated that the Government seeks to manage the stock.

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