Paris, daughter of Michael Jackson, reveals her admiration for Christian Nodal

Paris, daughter of Michael Jackson, reveals her admiration for Christian Nodal
Paris, daughter of Michael Jackson, reveals her admiration for Christian Nodal

During a recent interaction with the Spanish media, Paris Jackson, daughter of the iconic “King of Pop”, Michael Jacksonshowed how music overcomes borders by openly sharing who his favorite Hispanic singer is.

After dazzling at the latest show by American designer Alexander Wang, Paris embarked on a flight to Barcelona to attend the Desigual catwalk as a guest on Thursday. At this event, which was attended by prominent figures such as the Spanish actress Ester Expósito and other celebrities, Jackson revealed her impressions of the European country.

In interviews after the event, Paris was questioned about various aspects of Spanish culture, including her musical preferences. It was then that Michael Jackson’s daughter enthusiastically confessed that her favorite Hispanic artist was none other than the ex-partner of the renowned Argentine rapper Cazzu. “Of course I listen to Spanish music. Christian Nodal is my favorite,” the young woman stated confidently.

However, given the confusion in some media about Nodal’s nationality, Paris received a kind correction. Upon learning that the singer is of Mexican origin, Jackson clarified: “Oh, I understand. I’ll find out better. I thought you were referring to music in Spanish. But yes, I know Rosalía. I think she’s great.”

In addition to his interest in music, Paris shared his experience with Spanish gastronomy. She acknowledged that she is not very familiar with it, since she grew up in California, where the flavors of Latin American cuisine predominate. “No, I’m not very familiar with paella. I’m from California, so the cuisine I’m used to is Central American and Mexican,” the young woman explained.

At the Desigual show, Paris wore an elegant, loose knee-length black dress with puffed sleeves, accompanied by matching heels and discreet makeup, highlighting her presence on the catwalk and her undeniable taste for fashion.

The name of Paris Jackson became a trend on the morning of this Saturday, June 8, after the dissemination of a video that captured an apparently cold meeting between her and Ester Expósito during the catwalk. Despite both being in the same area, users noticed a lack of connection, focusing more on what was happening around them than on interacting with each other. However, it is worth noting that there was a handshake when they introduced themselves. This situation did not go unnoticed by some Internet users, who took the opportunity to create memes and joke about it.

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