Some 250 thousand minors stopped studying in Ecuador due to violence

Some 250 thousand minors stopped studying in Ecuador due to violence
Some 250 thousand minors stopped studying in Ecuador due to violence

During an appearance before the Education Commission of the National Assembly (parliament) here, Martínez recalled that in this South American nation there is a process of structural violence against children and adolescents.

His statements took place as part of the analysis of the actions carried out on cases of violence and sexual abuse against this sector of the population.

Martínez warned that there is an official report on the actions of the State, which lacks figures on public policies for this sector, ignoring the results of the plans, programs and projects, he specified.

The official requested that an in-depth investigation be carried out of the educational system itself and its investment in children and adolescents.

In statements to the RTS channel, the Minister of Education, Alegría Crespo, acknowledged that in the country there are 57 educational units classified as high risk due to their location, which is why they are prioritized for security issues.

By the way, this Wednesday, a student was murdered in the vicinity of an educational establishment in the city of Daule, province of Guayas. Meanwhile, northwest of Guayaquil, in that same jurisdiction, another teenager lost his life as a result of the violence there.

Ecuador is one of the most insecure countries in the region and has been in the midst of a declaration of internal armed conflict since January as a result of the series of violent acts in prisons and streets in different locations.

Legal experts warn that militarization will not be of much use if social measures are not adopted to reduce inequality.

For citizens, the reality is much more complex, since shootings and murders persist in the country despite the declaration of internal armed conflict, states of exception and soldiers in the streets.


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