Who is Michaela Stirling? The ending of ‘The Bridgertons’ explained

Who is Michaela Stirling? The ending of ‘The Bridgertons’ explained
Who is Michaela Stirling? The ending of ‘The Bridgertons’ explained

However, before the Earl and Countess of Kilmartin leave for Scotland, Eloise tells Francesca that she wants to go with her: “Mum will love the idea of ​​me keeping an eye on you,” she tells her, “but really, just I want to live for a while outside of our little bubble. Live some adventures.” Eloise promises to make room for her sister and her new husband.

Plus, Eloise isn’t the only addition to the Kilmartins’ new home. John introduces his cousin, Michaela Stirling, his girlfriend and sister-in-law: “I’m warning you that all the sordid details John has said about me are lies,” Michaela jokes before adding that “the truth is much worse.” Francesca reacts to Michaela’s presence as if she had just seen a ghost to the point of going blank when she hears her name when she introduces herself.

Jess Brownell, series director and executive producerassures that “the action of the last four episodes has increased compared to the first part, so I am looking forward to seeing the reactions to the second part.”

And, despite all the news in the second part of the third season of The Bridgerton like all the hidden details in Penelope and Colin’s wedding, Without a doubt, the introduction of the character Michaela Stirling will be one of the most talked about. Brownell, who at the time of the conversation is in the writers’ room for the fourth season (which will begin filming this year), tells us why Michaela’s arrival is a big step forward in the universe Bridgerton and what we can expect from the next chapters.

Glamor: We meet John Stirling’s cousin, Michaela Stirling, at the end of the episode. But in the book, her cousin is Michael Stirling. Why the change? And what does it mean for the relationship between Francesca and John? Francesca seems quite uneasy upon meeting Michaela for the first time.

Jess Brownell: The first time I read When He Was Wicked, the book about Francesca, I felt very identified as a woman queer. Her book talks a lot about how different she feels and I think Julia Quinn’s intention in the book is that Fran feels different because she is an introvert. But for many of us, in the community queer, that sensation of feeling different is part of our stories. It seemed to me that there was thematically fertile ground in his book to introduce a story queer. There are also some elements of their story that allow us to make sure that we can tell a fairly happy ending for Francesca and Michaela. For me it was important that, when telling a story queerwe could give them a happy ending, like we have done with all the other couples.

As for John, I know that people relate very much to that relationship, as do I. I just want to say that I don’t think the revelation of Francesca’s future homosexuality invalidate what you have with John. Personally, I don’t believe in a hierarchy of relationships. Every relationship is different and all types of love are valid. The kind of love she feels for John is very real. It is based much more on camaraderie, friendship, respect and shared interests than on passion. But passion is only one element of a relationship. Looking ahead, I hope to tell a very nuanced story about Francesca, who has two great loves in her life.

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