Fer Dente confirmed that he is in a relationship with his co-worker: who is Pablo Turturiello

After several months in which nothing was known about the love life of Fernando Dente (34), finally, the actor confirmed his new relationship. The driver is also dating a colleague from his work on Corrientes Street.

Through social networks, it was his partner, Uruguayan actor Pablo Turturiellowho announced the news. Pablo is the protagonist of Rentthe work directed by Dente and in which he acts alongside Ángela Torres at the Teatro Ópera.

The actor shared a series of photos, on his Instagram account, of your romantic getaway to the beautiful and quiet beaches of Maldonado, In uruguay. Among the postcards of the landscapes, she slipped an image that was the one that made people talk.

Fer Dente confirmed that she is in a relationship with Pablo Turturiello. Photo: Instagram

In it, you see Fer and Pablo very close to each other, about to kiss. Even though it was Turturiello who published the photo, the driver commented, along with a heart, a sweet and intimate nickname: “Cuckoo”.

With a heart emoji and another of the Uruguayan flag, Dente reposted the publication on her Instagram stories and also shared a postcard she took of her new boyfriend, posing in front of the sun.

Pablo Turturiello stars in “Rent” alongside Ángela Torres. Photo: Instagram

Pablo is 25 years old and, although Rent premiered at the beginning of May, it also had been part of her boyfriend’s previous work, Heathersin 2023. The young man left Uruguay just before the Covid-19 pandemic to begin his artistic career in Argentina and, upon arriving, he stood out in the Singing 2020 with Floppy Tesouro.

The last couple that Fer had met was Nicolas Di Pacewith whom he dated for more than three years until mid-2023, when the actor announced their breakup.

Fer Dente shared a photo of Pablo Turturiello. Photo: InstagramFer Dente shared a photo of Pablo Turturiello. Photo: Instagram

Who is Pablo Turturiello, Fer Dente’s new boyfriend

Pablo Turturiello, known artistically as Turtu, is a Uruguayan actor, singer and composer. He was born in Montevideo and from a very young age showed interest in music, starting piano, guitar and singing lessons. This talent led him to participate in 2015 in the reality show My name is by Teledocewhere he impersonated the singer Adam Levine, reaching the final of the contest and gaining recognition in the musical and television spheres of Uruguay.

Who is Pablo Turturiello. Photo: InstagramWho is Pablo Turturiello. Photo: Instagram

Once he finished school, Pablo moved to New York to study acting at Marymount Manhattan College. Shortly before the pandemic, In January 2020, he decided to move to Buenos Aires to audition for musical works and continue his acting training. That way, she made it to the fifth season of Singing for a Dreamwhich marked his debut in Argentine entertainment.

Additionally, in 2021, he participated in the streaming of the musical Rent and starred in the musical film Mr Gardel for Disney+, playing Frank Sinatra. At the end of that year, she starred in the series FreeKs for the same platform, although it premiered in June 2023.

Pablo participated in the Pablo participated in “Cantando 2020” with Floppy Tesouro: Photo: El Trece
Pablo Turturiello acted in the series FreeKs. Photo: InstagramPablo Turturiello acted in the series FreeKs. Photo: Instagram

In the musical field, in 2022, Pablo released his first single as a solo artist titled Live without you, under the stage name Turtu, produced by Jaime Ramona. He also participated in the national musical I want it now at the Tractatus Center, and starred Footloose at the Teatro del Globo, being nominated for the Hugo Awards in the category of Best Male Lead Performance.

On the other hand, he was part of the main cast of the children’s-youth series Be yourself from Disney Channel, and He played Marcelo Moura, a member of the group Virus, in the Netflix miniseries The love after Love.

Pablo Turturiello stars Pablo Turturiello stars in “Rent” alongside Ángela Torres. Photo: Instagram
Pablo Turturiello. Photo: InstagramPablo Turturiello. Photo: Instagram

Finally, came the role of Ram Sweeney in Heathers: the musicaldirected by Fernando Dente at the Teatro Ópera on Avenida Corrientes and, this year, by Roger Davis at Rent. At the same time, he currently serves as the new talent show panelist and researcher Who is the mask? from Teledoce, the Uruguayan version of the South Korean format King of Mask Singer.

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