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Date, time and how to watch live from Mexico

We already have the date for Nintendo June 2024 Directwhich arrives after all the video game events, faithful to the tradition of “The Big N”.

Best of all, the June 2024 Nintendo Direct will be sooner than many fans imagine, so it won’t take long to see the new announcements.

It should be mentioned that in this event there will be no news about Switch 2focusing only in the next games for your current console.

They also confirmed that everything we see will be released in the second half of 2024so fans will have games to enjoy before the generational change.

nintendo switch (Unsplash)

When and at what time will the Nintendo Direct in June 2024 be?

According to the developer itself, the Nintendo Direct June 2024 will this be Tuesday 18; that is, tomorrow, taking into account that this note is written on Monday.

Fans will have to wake up early, as the June 2024 Nintendo Direct will be broadcast starting at 8:00 AM (CDMX).

Furthermore, it was mentioned that It will last exactly 40 minutes, which means that it will be a very specific announcement event; Still there could be some surprises.

It should be mentioned that Nintendo does not usually make long transmissions unlike Xbox or PlayStation in some cases.

NintendoDirect (Special)

How to watch the June 2024 Nintendo Direct from Mexico?

Like many other video game event streams, the Nintendo Direct June 2024 can be seen live from Mexico.

You will be able to see the Nintendo Direct for June 2024 from Mexico through the official channel of Youtube from the developer (

Don’t worry if you can’t wake up at 8:00 AMthe presentation will remain on the Nintendo Channel throughout the day for you to review when you can.

In addition, the trailers will be uploaded almost from the moment they are released at the Nintendo Direct, as has happened on previous occasions.

Nintendo Switch is the third best-selling console, surpassing the Game Boy

nintendo switch (Sara Kurfeß / Unsplash)

With information from Nintendo.

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