Gears of War: E-Day would return to the horror format

A couple of weeks ago a new edition of Xbox Games Showcasewhich showed us many video games that will arrive in the following months to come, only very few were confirmed for later years, highlighting the reboot version of fable and also to the prequel Gears of War: E-Day. Speaking just about the latter, she promised to return to the roots, including some themes that can be considered cinematic.

The brand director Nicole Fawcette and the creative director Matt Searcy They talked about the studio’s desire to focus on the scary aspects of Gears during an interview. Searcy He says the team wants to capture a moment in time and tell a very intimate story about what happened to the people of one of Sera’s cities. Possibly returning to that terrifying aspect of the action franchise initially developed by Epic Games.

Here what was mentioned:

For us, it’s like a what-if story, what would happen if the ground opened up and monsters came out? Yes, it’s set on another fictional planet, but there are very human reactions and stories we can tell. To do that, we need to be able to tell a story that feels like a horror story.

We looked at how people felt when they played Gears of War or any of the Gears, including Gears4. But when people tell you what they remember playing, the things that caught their attention, the feelings, a lot of it is about those dark, almost terrifying, scary moments.

So we basically took that feeling, that vision that’s in everyone’s head, and we thought, ‘That’s the game we’re going to build.’ We’re going to build that game with all the skills we’ve learned, with all the technology we’ve created, and we’ll work hard at it. Part of the story is definitely about the reintroduction of locusts into Gears as terrifying monsters emerge from the ground. And then as it goes on you realize that it’s not just monsters, there’s an army here and it’s bigger than anyone thinks.

Remember that Gears of War: E-Day will be available on consoles Xbox and also PC. For now there is no release date, including the year.

Via: IGN

Author’s note: This saga promises to return to the moments of glory, but it is scary that all the people are going to try it on Game Pass and not buy it individually physically or digitally. We’ll see how Gears does in the coming months.

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