«Democracy is not a crime, authoritarianism is»

«Democracy is not a crime, authoritarianism is»
«Democracy is not a crime, authoritarianism is»

The president of Taiwan, William Lai (Lai Ching-te), has strongly condemned Chinese threats to impose death penalty against the “secessionists” of the island. The president, considered a “troublemaker” by the authorities of Beijingstated in a press conference that China “has no right to punish Taiwanese people for their beliefs or to persecute Taiwanese citizens beyond its borders.”

«Democracy is not a crime, authoritarianism is. According to China, not supporting unification is equivalent to being pro-independence. It doesn’t matter if you are a supporter of Taiwanof the Republic of China (official name of Taiwan) or the Republic of China in Taiwanthey are all considered independentists by China,” Lai said from the Taipei Presidential Palaceaccording to EFE.

The island president, who took office on May 20, replacing Tsai Ing-wen (2016-2024), once again asked the Chinese Executive to “recognize the existence of the Republic of China” and dialogue with the “legitimate and democratically elected” Government of Taiwan.

«This is the right way to improve the well-being of people on both sides of the strait. Otherwise, the relationships between Taiwan and China “They will distance themselves more and more,” he stressed.

Threat of death penalty

The statements of William Lai take place after China last Friday published a set of judicial guidelines aimed at “Taiwan separatists” who “incite or carry out acts of secession.”

The measures, which include the possibility of the death penalty and absentee trials for defendants, took effect immediately. Beijing defends that Taiwan It is part of its territory and it does not rule out the use of force to regain control of the island.

In recent years, pressure has intensified on Taipeiand carried out military maneuvers around the island shortly after The I will come to power in May. He Lai Democratic Progressive Party has defended the sovereignty of Taiwan.

Beijing has not had high-level talks with Taipei since 2016, when the former president came to power Tsai Ing-wenLai’s predecessor. China He has described Lai as a “dangerous separatist” and denounced that his inaugural speech was a “confession of Taiwan’s independence.”

In that speech, The I He signaled an opening to resume dialogue with Beijing and asked the two parties to carry out exchanges.

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