Quilmes Rock 2025: tickets are now on sale, how to buy them? | For the “most ambitious” edition to date

Quilmes Rock 2025: tickets are now on sale, how to buy them? | For the “most ambitious” edition to date
Quilmes Rock 2025: tickets are now on sale, how to buy them? | For the “most ambitious” edition to date

He Quilmes Rock 2025 is already in the race. On the Enigma Tickets website you can now get the tickets for “the most compelling version of historyof the music and entertainment festivalaccording to Pop Art Music Argentina.

The mega event will be held on three or more dates, according to the official statement. For now, two were confirmed: Saturday, April 5 and Sunday, April 6. However, The rest of the days on which the festival will take place will be announced soon..

The entries, meanwhile, They can be purchased in installments of up to 2 and 3 days.and can be used on the desired dates (that is, in those confirmed so far or those that will be known later).

Quilmes Rock returns in April 2025. (Image: QR)

Until now, it is not known the place where the promising festival will be held. The information will be communicated through the official channels – websites and social networks – of the event organization.

How to buy tickets for Quilmes Rock

The Ticketing It was enabled this Tuesday with several possibilities and special promotions.

“They will offer affordable pricesso that everyone has the opportunity to be there and star in iconic moments that will go down in history,” they stated in a statement last week.

Quilmes Rock 2-day pass

  • Exclusive Presale Galicia Visa at $96,000, with 20% savings and up to 6 interest-free installments of $16,000.
  • Open pre-sale: at $115,000 and in up to 6 interest-free installments of $19,116.
  • General sale: $130,000 and in up to 6 installments of $21,666.

Quilmes Rock 3-day pass

  • Exclusive Galicia Visa Presale at $115,000 (+ service charge), with 20% savings and in up to 6 interest-free installments of $19,116.
  • Pre-sale open at $138,000 (+ service charge) in up to 6 interest-free installments of $23,000.
  • General sale at $150,000 (+ service charge) in up to 6 interest-free installments.

Who could participate in Quilmes Rock 2025

In the same way that happens in the announcements of international festivals, the bands and artists that participate in the editions are only confirmed on a date close to the performance of the show. That is The official grid of Quilmes Rock 2025 was not announced at the moment.

However, more than 20 years after its first edition, the festival promises that the event to be held in April next year will be “the most compelling version of history“.

Quilmes Rock, which had its first edition in 2003, left indelible images that will remain forever in the collective memory. The skinny’ Spinetta along with Divided; Pappo and the incredible sounds of his Les Paul guitar; Charlie and a rain of unbeatable songs, under a true deluge of rock.

Las Pelotas, Gustavo Cerati, Babasónicos, Celeste Carballo, Miranda, and Intoxicados also stepped onto the stage of Quilmes Rock and left unforgettable postcards that are part of the contemporary musical history.

Gorillaz with Trueno at Quilmes Rock 2022. (Image: Cecilia Salas)

Already become a classic, Quilmes Rock 2025 promises to be the most ambitious edition and will have the participation of the greatest exponents of Argentine rockas guaranteed by Pop Art Music Argentina.

Thunderthe rapper who won the Gardel de Oro in 2023 for his album Right or wrongcould be one of the next participants of the festival, according to the clue that the producer gave a glimpse in of the Argentine team.

There are those who do not even leave behind the illusion of witnessing the musical reunion of Lice. In recent weeks, fans of the legendary rock band began to dream about that announcement based on several “clues” spread by former members of the band. Although these were only rumors, the hope that the former group will meet again, and that they will do so at a festival of this stature and trajectory, does not stop growing.

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