The unpublished statements of Diego Urrutia’s ex-partner

The unpublished statements of Diego Urrutia’s ex-partner
The unpublished statements of Diego Urrutia’s ex-partner

The dancer revealed that she was in a relationship for years with the comedian and exposed surprising situations that led to its end.

Sofia Lobos, the ex partner of Diego Urrutiasurprised by speaking for the first time about what his relationship with the comedian was like, and also took the opportunity to warn certain things about the new bond he has with Carla Jara.

The shocking statements were part of the last chapter of bombastic, the podcast of Cecilia Gutierrez which premiered this Tuesday morning.

There, the young woman explained that He was Urrutia’s partner for almost three years, a period in which they were even living together. A relationship that finally ended in February of this year despite the fact that they maintained contact until April.

The unprecedented statements of Diego Urrutia’s ex-partner

“Diego never talked about his private life, we didn’t know he was gossiping.”he began by saying Cecilia Gutierrez after presenting Sofia Lobos.

On this point, the former partner of the Chilean comedian did not hold anything back and provided details of what their relationship was like and the reasons for his anonymity.

It was there that he explained that there was an argument that caused him to want to stop posting photos with her. “I don’t want to be seen with you and after we finish,” He explained that it was Diego Urrutia’s excuse.

“Did you feel like I was hiding you a bit?” the journalist asked. “Too much, I already felt that he didn’t love me and I hid myself too much,” said the dancer.

Along the same lines, Sofía confessed: “He didn’t like being seen holding hands in public, he justifies that it made him uncomfortable. So if you see him with Carla Jara holding hands, for me it will be super ironic.”

“In fact, it is already ironic that I wear almost nothing and upload a video,” Gutiérrez exclaimed.

“He sets foot outside the house and is a different person,” he said.

After this, the young woman revealed an alleged phrase that Diego told her: “He told me that he would have been interested in me being famous so he could get on the networks.”

Finally, Manu Gonzalez He asked her what it was like to find out about Diego Urrutia’s relationship with Carla Jara.

“I find it okay that he’s hanging out with someone, But I know that Carla Jara will eventually meet the real Diego… and let’s see what will happen.”

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