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Lionel Messi has a ‘long tablecloth’: yesterday he turned 37 and he will celebrate it by playing this June 25 in the Copa América 2024 with Argentina’s match against Chile, although it is not the only thing that keeps him partying.

The Argentine soccer player began his career in the sport 20 years ago, and in May it was 19 years since he scored his first official goal with the Barcelona shirt, a team where he shared with athletes of the stature of Ronaldinho, who it is said ‘baptized him’.

This thanks to what happened in the debut of the Argentine with the Barça shirt, where he managed to score twice with the ‘help’ of a key character.

Lionel Messi joined Barcelona’s first team in May 2005, making his official debut. (LLUIS GENE/AFP)

When was Messi’s official debut at Barcelona?

After playing in Barcelona’s youth ranks, Lionel Messi officially debuted with the first team May 1, 2005during a match on matchday 34 of the League in which the Blaugranas faced Albacete.

Messi was on the bench, waiting for the call from Frank Rijkaard, then technical director of Barcelona, ​​to join. And with 4 minutes left before the match ended, it happened.

Replacing Samuel Eto’o, the Argentine, who was only 17 years old at the time, entered the field wearing number 30 to make his official debut. And although it was only a few minutes, they helped him ‘do battle’ with his team, which was already winning 1-0.

Lionel Messi was Ronaldinho’s teammate at Barcelona. (PHILIPPE DESMAZES/AFP)

Barcelona vs. Albacete, 2005: Messi’s first goal annulled

A few seconds after entering the field, ‘the Flea’ received an opportunity from Ronaldinho, who at that time was already established in football.

The Brazilian made a high pass to ‘Lio’, who with a left foot managed to put the ball into the goal that was guarded by Raúl Valbuena.

However, referee Carlos Velasco annulled the goal for an advanced position that, according to many, did not exist, which would have discouraged the player who was starting his career in the first team, but not the person who assisted him.


The first goal Messi scored for Barcelona was disallowed. (Photo: FC Barcelona)

What was Messi’s first goal for Barcelona?

The ball continued to roll in the Barcelona vs. Albaceteand a couple of minutes later (in 91 to be more exact), the previous play was repeated, but in this one there was no failure.

Who provided the assist for Messi’s first goal?

Messi was approximately a quarter of the field from the rival goal when he saw Ronaldinho, positioned behind him, and passed the ball to him, which did not stay for long, as decided to return it almost immediately.

Lio was already closer to the goal and with another left foot shot, just like in the last play, he sent the ball over the rival goalkeeper and made the match 2-0sealing his first goal with Barcelona and a career in soccer that, until now, remains fruitful with Inter Miami and the Argentine National Team.

Why is it said that Ronaldinho was Messi’s ‘godfather’?

As soon as Messi scored this goal, he ran towards Ronaldinho and climbed on his shoulders to celebrate his first official goal with the first division team.

It is said that the Brazilian was the Argentine’s ‘godfather’ because in that match He made the two assists that ended in a goaldespite the fact that one of them was annulled.

In addition to scoring his first goal, that day ‘Lio’ broke a record by becoming the youngest scorer in the Spanish League by scoring his first goal at the age of 17 years, 10 months and 7 days, explains the official portal of ‘la Pulga’ .


Messi celebrated his first goal on Ronaldinho’s shoulders when making his debut in the Barcelona first division. (LLUIS GENE/AFP)

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