The Federal Justice ordered to suspend increases in gas rates in Tierra del Fuego for three months, after a collective protection presented by Governor Gustavo Melella together with various social sectors. In Chubut, there is a similar request, but a court decision has not yet been issued.

Federal judge Mariel Borruto determined the temporary suspension of increases in gas rates in Tierra del Fuego, rejecting, however, the request for refund or compensation of fees already paid in excess until a final ruling is issued. According to the ruling, “the new rates do not comply with the principles of predictability, proportionality and graduality established in laws 24,240 and 24,076.”

Consumers in Tierra del Fuego They had faced rate increases of up to 1000%. Judge Borruto ordered the distribution company, Camuzzi Gas del Sur, refrain from charging the rates established in the suspended resolutions and from cutting off the gas supply due to non-payment of invoices issued under the new rate tables.

The suspension will be in force until Governor Melella’s request to completely annul the resolutions that modified the tariff schedule is definitively resolved. On social networks, Melella expressed his satisfaction: “The suspension of resolutions 41/2024 and 122/2024 ensures that the new gas rate tables are not applied, easing the economic burden on our families.”

“This is a great step towards justice and the protection of our rights in these times of extreme temperatures that affect our province and the rest of the Patagonian region,” he added.

The provinces of Chubut and Santa Cruz also seek to stop exorbitant increases in gas rates, Therefore, the antecedent of Tierra del Fuego could have significant weight in these cases.

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