What does Puki from Taiwan mean in Featherweight’s “La Bebe” song?

What does Puki from Taiwan mean in Featherweight’s “La Bebe” song?
What does Puki from Taiwan mean in Featherweight’s “La Bebe” song?

Although the singer Featherweight has several hits at the same time, doubts have begun to arise about a phrase that is heard during the remix ofand “The Baby”, A song of Yng Lvcas, where the young man from Guadalajara collaborates, and who, to this day, continues within the top 5 one of the most listened to on Youtube.

Inside the remix there is a part where Yng Lvcas sings “Chinese eyes like puki from Taiwan”, phrase that has raised doubts about its meaning, so we answer what they possibly mean in the song.

The song of “La Bebé” in its remix version has been well received, but fans of Featherweight want to know what they are singing, that’s why we set out to find the true meaning of this stanza. The song talks about a meeting where she has a boyfriend, but she prefers to be with her new love, that in short and above all that passion is what is left over between them.

What does Chinay-eyed mean as puki from Taiwan?

It really is a doubt that everyone has and although the same letter says and refers to the eyesit is not known that it is a puki from Taiwan, although, if we look on the internet, in the Philippines, it is really very close to Taiwan, Puki is vagina, the intimate part of the woman Does it sound sensible to you?… It could be!

Many fans believe that it refers to puccaa Korean cartoon that is a 12-year-old girl, which is also relatively close to Taiwan, but if we look at the cartoon she has slanted eyes as the Asian inhabitants, although there is a possible relationship, We don’t think it’s referring to her either.

The most curious thing is that in the official video of “La Bebé” when Yng Lvcas sings that part puts his hands to his eyes making you tear your eyesso possibly it does refer to a beautiful woman with slanted eyestake the theory that you believe best, at least until one of these two artists reveal the true meaning to us.

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