The Argentine assured that he prefers to be “independent” – Publimetro Chile

The Argentine assured that he prefers to be “independent” – Publimetro Chile
The Argentine assured that he prefers to be “independent” – Publimetro Chile

In the most recent episode of “Win ​​or Serve?”, Luis Mateucci assured that he does not want to leave his single life behind and in passing, he mentioned Daniela Aránguiz.

The confession occurred while the Argentine was talking with Blue Mary, Camila Recabarren and Faloon Larraguibel about his habits and his preference for independence.


In this context, is where the reality boy said: “I am very lonely. Dany (Aránguiz) would like us to live together, but I prefer my apartment. But how do you explain to your partner that you prefer to be alone? Not everyone understands you”, he assured.

Later, his fellow inmates asked him about his former relationships, asking him if he had been with girls who were not so jealous of him. To which Luis replied: “No. It’s just that the style of girls that I like is very difficult. They are not passive, and they are all cut from the same cloth,” he said.

The relationship with Daniela Aránguiz

It should be remembered that Mateucci entered the Channel 13 confinement in the middle of his media relationship with Daniela Aránguiz, with whom he began a romance during 2023.

In relation to this romance with the former girl “Mekano”, the reality show participant commented that they talked about the possible scenarios that could be involved in “Win ​​or Serve?” since his ex-partner, Oriana Marzoli, and her former assistant, Gala Caldirola, will also be there.

“I hope he reacts well, because I have nothing with any of them. For me they are past (…) We talked about it and we agreed on a couple of things. In the sense of up to what limit to play, or being able to reach“Mateucci assured.

Likewise, he assured that “I’m going to enter as a couple, but it does get a little complicated for me, because in the end, when it comes to doing the activity and things like that, when you’re as a couple, everything is misunderstood. But hey, let’s see what happens”, the trans-Andean closed in a conversation with Página 7.

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