Furia said that the production of Big Brother put limits on his dealings with Arturo

The participant became one of the villains of the reality show and even received sanctions from the production. What is happening with the player?

Arthur from Big Brother. Photo: Telefe capture.

Rage became one of the villains of Big Brother after starring in scandalous fights with her companions Nicolás, Chino and Mauro, something that led her to have a sanction by the production of the reality show, which means being nominated until the end of the program.

In addition, Juliana had an episode that was reported on networks as animal abusesince it could be seen yelling at the dog Arturo to get out of the middle of the discussion.

After the shelter that rescued the pet asked those responsible for Big Brother to return the dog, Big called Fury to the confessional and made a strong request. “Treat him well”they demanded of her, according to what she herself said in dialogue with Martín.

Moment when Fury exposes the Big Brother production. Video: TikTok.

Although on the networks they began to say that everything would be a strategy To take care of her image, you can also see the affection between the participant and Arturo, who looks for her to receive pampering and affection, and also sleeps next to her.

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The controversial response of the Big Brother production to the claim of Arturo’s rescuers

The statement from Huellitas Perdidas about Arturo from Big Brother

“From Huellitas we want express our discontent with the events that are happening in the Big Brother house regarding Arturo; a dog rescued of abuse, which entered the program to be its transit home, the participants provide it with the necessary care that an animal needs and subsequently it is put up for adoption,” they published on social networks.

They also explained that the intention of entering a rescued animal on Argentine TV was with the objective of make aware “about the importance of getting involved, rescuing, transitioning and giving up for adoption.”

Arturo, Big Brother's dog. Photo: X Arturo, Big Brother’s dog. Photo: X.

“With what has happened, we believe that the decision was not correctbeing that they crossed limitswhich as far as we are concerned, are not healthy for Arturo. we were wrong“, they added.

“From now on we wanted to inform you that the dog was always safe of any type of aggressive act and under permanent control by a team of professionals in the matter, even so, even though facts of public knowledge occurred, since It is not a suitable place for Arturo, as it would not be for any animal that suffers from them,” they concluded in the statement broadcast on networks.

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