Next time I’ll cut your hand

Next time I’ll cut your hand
Next time I’ll cut your hand

At that moment, Nate commented: “But I ran out of chocolates,” and Evelyn He continued: “Well, your problem.” Below you can see what the moment was like when the participants got angry at each other. ‘Matter of weight’.

That’s how it went

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In the recent broadcast of ‘Matter of weight’, The participants attended their first medical evaluations and it was one of them who generated special concern. Is about Ernesto, known as “The Gaucho”, who according to specialists suffers from an infection called “Erysipelas”.

“I went to look for Ernesto, Right now he is in the office with the doctor and a nurse because his feet are swollen and painful,” said one of the program’s specialists.

While they showed the hospitalization process that the contestant experienced, they detailed what he has and what his future on the program would be like.

This was the summary he made The thirteen on their networks:

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