Who are the family members eliminated from Big Brother on Wednesday, May 22

Who are the family members eliminated from Big Brother on Wednesday, May 22
Who are the family members eliminated from Big Brother on Wednesday, May 22

This Wednesday, May 22 two family members/friends of the participants Big Brother they were eliminated by the public and the house suffered two losses during the night. Who left the reality show and who continues.

Bautista’s distressing request in Big Brother that generated concern among fans: “Let her come in”

On this occasion, fans of Big Brother They had to choose their favorite and those who got the fewest votes, they became the eliminated ones. Besides, Baptistwho is the leader of the week, will have the power to remove a guest by his own choice.

Which family members left Big Brother

In total, there were two family members and/or friends that the public decided not to continue in the most famous house in the country. through the positive vote and were the following:

  • Sol, Florencia Regidor’s best friend
  • Mateo, Nicolás’s best friend

Besides Aixa has already been eliminatedZoe’s mother who was also out of the competition, and RocíoFuria’s friend who had to leave after the participant opened the envelope that left her “out”

Bautista’s indiscreet question that left Furia between the ropes in Big Brother: “Don’t burn me”

Who are the relatives who are still in Big Brother?

  • Facundo, friend of Martín
  • Delfina, daughter of Virginia
  • Noelia “La Gata”, friend of Emmanuel
  • Franco, brother of Bautista
  • Francisco, son of Dario

For their part, the family member or loved one of the original participant of Big Brother to stay until the last day of your stay you will win a brand new housewhich is why everyone wants to continue in the competition.

For their part, the players have already begun to look forward to what will be the grand final and although there is still a long way to go, none of them want to make mistakes that harm them or worse, that leaves them out of the competition.

At the same time, the end of Big Brother will take place in the first days of July and the date is expected to be confirmed soon. For the long-awaited moment, three little brothers will arrive. They will compete for the prize of 50 million pesos.

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