Marlon is expelled for saving a protein bar in ‘The XX Challenge’

Marlon is expelled for saving a protein bar in ‘The XX Challenge’
Marlon is expelled for saving a protein bar in ‘The XX Challenge’

In the May 24 episode, the inevitable happened: Marlon, from Beta, is expelled from ‘The XX Challenge’. His team was sentenced and they had to go to the lower beach.

Before a test, cameras captured the participant taking a protein bar out of his suitcase and putting it on a nightstand. This action violates the program regulations.

This was the expulsion

In the eighth cycle, the ‘sentence and hunger’ test left Omega as the winner, who was able to take all the food. Beta had the opportunity to keep the sausages.

​The presenter Andrea Serna summoned the players and confronted Marlon, who saved a protein bar. According to the participant, it was from the previous test and he did not remember that he had it, he just saw it and kept it.

However, this action broke one of the most important rules of ‘The XX Challenge’. They could not touch or eat any food other than what the production gave them.

​”I had put the bar away when we had eaten and when they took everything away from us last cycle, the bar was kept in the room. Today, it appeared in my briefcase, because my things were there, I take the bar and put it in the nightstand. The truth is I did it without any intention of hiding it.“Marlon stated.

Serna asked the other teams and they admitted that “he did it without any intention.” Despite justifying himself and ensuring that he was not really aware, the decision was irremediable.

“It’s unfair to the other teams. (…) Challenging having food at home when they didn’t earn it is a serious infraction,” said the presenter.

​After Beta said it was unintentional. Serna said forcefully that in the program, intentions are not measured, but actions; For this reason, Marlon was expelled.

The participant only had a few seconds to leave the ‘city of boxes’ and leave his companions, who were stunned and heartbroken by his departure. The presenter said that Beta would also have a sanction: going to the lower beach.

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