confirmed guests for Sunday, May 26

Mirtha Legrand Juana Viale

Having lunch with Juana Viale: confirmed guests

Fernando Dente, Dani La Chepi, Matías Alé, Santiago Talledo and Mariana Kersz They will be the special guests at the table this Sunday, May 26 at El Trece.


The controversial table with Jey Mammon

In recent weeks, there has been a stir on social networks after confirming Jey Mammon’s invitation to Juana Viale’s table. The comedian finally sat down with the host and broke the silence about the abuse case against him.

During his time at the table Juana Viale, Jey Mammon broke assured that he was found innocent, at the same time he spoke about cancel culture. Given this, Valeria Sampedro He crossed it without a filter and a strong argument broke out between them. “How do you date a 16-year-old boy when you’re 31, 30?”asked the journalist.

Sampedro also added that Mammon was not declared innocent but that his case expired and the justice system did not investigate it for this reason.

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