At 84 years old, this is the actress who played Mufide in “Everything for my Daughter”

All for my daughter” is a moving Turkish series broadcast by Telefe that tells the story of Oyku, an intelligent and empathetic eight-year-old girl who suffers from a rare genetic disease. Raised by her aunt, Oyku is forced to look for her father, Demir, a irresponsible scammer you never saw.

The plot revolves around the relationship between Oyku and Demir and how he learns to take responsibility for taking care of his daughter. The series highlights themes such as paternal love, the challenges of parenting and overcoming adversity. With performances that capture the complexity of family relationships, “All for my daughter” conquered the hearts of viewers, offering a story that is both heartbreaking and hopeful. Suna Selen was part of this cast. Her portrayal of Müfide in the Turkish series made her one of the most beloved figures for a new generation of viewers, demonstrating his ability to transmit serenity and tenderness through his characters.

The success of “Everything for my daughter” was resounding.

Suna Selen is a super distinguished actress known for her work in theater, film and television. Her career, spanning more than sixty years, began in the late 1950s, when she decided to follow her passion for the performing arts rather than her family’s wishes for her to study law.

Suna Selen conquered the hearts of many with her role in “Everything for my daughter.”

Currently, at 84 years old, the renowned actress is still in her career and recording sets are the spaces in which she feels most comfortable. The actress of “All for my daughter” highlights that at this age she considers that the only thing she can do perfectly is play new characters, because it is true that the years do not come alone, but passion and talent are the only thing that remains intact.

Without a doubt, the actress, who achieved recognition in Argentina thanks to the soap opera broadcast by Telefe, is a legend that She remains very active in the Turkish industry and her desire is to work as long as her health allows.. Suna Selen became a great example for many actors who are just starting out on this path.

The “Everything for my daughter” actress continues working and shows great enthusiasm.

Her legacy is a testament to her versatility and dedication to the craft, making her a beloved figure in Turkish performing arts. Her work continues to inspire aspiring actors and actresses, proving that passion and perseverance can lead to a rewarding and celebrated career. Suna Selen is a symbol of elegance and excellence in the Turkish entertainment industry and her story is one of talent, resilience and the transformative power of art.

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