The end of season 3 and the post-credits scene, explained

The end of season 3 and the post-credits scene, explained
The end of season 3 and the post-credits scene, explained

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Netflix was released this Thursday, June 13 the second part of season 3 of The Bridgertons. The ending has prepared the ground for the changes that will come in the next installment, in addition to anticipating some of the events of the Julia Quinn books that will appear in the next seasons of the series that continues to be one of the most viewed productions on the streaming platform.


In the second part, Eloise (Claudia Jessie) threatens to tell Colin (Luke Newton) that Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) is Lady Whistledown as soon as he hears the news of Colin and Penelope’s engagement. Penelope begs him not to do it and that she will tell him herself.

Colin discovers the truth at the end of episode 6. Cressida Cowper, driven by Queen Charlotte’s (Golda Rosheuvel) reward to unmask the writer, had claimed that she was the gossip columnist, but Penelope couldn’t allow him to take credit for all the hard work over the Pen publishes a number to deny it.


In the penultimate episode of season 3, Colin and Penelope get married. She hesitates as she walks down the aisle, but after some advice from her older brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and her sister-in-law Kate (Simone Ashley), who is pregnant, Colin nods and shakes her head. encourages you to move forward. Kate’s words, which recommends “not letting one mistake define your marriage,” They seem to have gotten into him, although he sleeps on the couch on the night of his wedding.

The queen interrupts him at breakfast after their wedding, because after the publication of Penelope’s issue, she suspects that Lady Whistledown is a Bridgerton. Colin assumes that Penelope is leaving the column, but she tearfully tries to explain to him how much he means to her. However, he cannot accept that it continues.


After discovering that Penelope is the real Lady Whistledown, Cressida visits Penelope to threaten to expose her and tells the news to Eloise and Colin. Colin tries to dissuade Cressida from blackmailing Penelope, but she simply increases the price she wants in exchange for not revealing Penelope’s identity. Lady Whistledown to 20,000 pounds.

Colin sleeps on the couch after that, but He then finds a bunch of letters that Penelope wrote to him while he was away.and that’s when he realizes that Pen and Lady Whistledown are inseparable from each other.

Penelope decides to reveal her identity at her sisters’ dance. She sends letters to Queen Charlotte now Violet to warn them, and the queen bursts into the ball to unmask Penelope, who has asked the queen for mercy. Colin supports her during the incident and, after he confesses about her, tells her how proud he is of her.


In the Julia Quinn books, Lady Whistledown goes out of print after it is discovered that she is Penelope. At the beginning of the final episode, Lady Danbury tries to dissuade the Queen by telling her that Lady W is probably “someone vulnerable” in high society, and that she is simply “trying to stay in the game“, not defeat the Queen.

At first, Pen never thought anyone would take her writing seriously, because no one had ever taken her seriously. She now realizes that many young women probably feel the same way she does, and that writing about her gave her power back. “If the Queen gives me the opportunity to continue, I will try to handle my pen more responsibly,” he concludes, to which the Queen replies that “she seems honest”, but that she will continue to keep an eye on her.


Francesca breaks the news to Violet that she and John Stirling (Victor Alli) hope to settle on their estate in Scotland, and Violet reacts with joy, although she is noticeably sad to see her daughter leave. Violet is confident that John is a good choice for Francesca, who has shown her that a slow romance can work too. and that love doesn’t always have to be a quick feeling.

Eloise has asked Francesca if she can accompany her to Scotland and Francesca agrees. At the last dance of the season, John’s cousin, Michaela Stirling, enters the scene to complete her traveling party to Scotland. Francesca is nervous when she meets Michaela. In the books, John’s cousin is a man, Michael Stirling, and he ends up marrying everything indicates that, later on, there will be a romance between Francesca and Michaela.


After meeting Lady Tilley Arnold and entering into a sort of romance with her and later with her friend Paul Suarez (Lucas Aurelio), Benedict confesses to Tilley that he does not wish to be exclusive with her.

Benedict tells his sister Eloise: “Right now I feel like the next thing I learn could change me completelyIn the end, Eloise tells Benedict that she will return for her mother’s masquerade ball, which is where she meets her love interest from the book, Sophie.


Eloise and Penelope resume their friendship in season 3. Eloise begins to recover when she realizes that she has let Cressida Cowper puts her family in danger again as the fake Whistledown. Eloise encourages Penelope to post again after the Mondrich dance, where Cressida spreads a preview of her entire number. Eloise comforts Pen when Colin is slow to accept her identity, and they share a long hug before Eloise heads to Scotland with Francesca.


In the post-credits scene of the third season of the series, the three Featherington sisters appear singing to their babies after Francesca and Eloise leave.

The sequence reveals that Prudence and Philipa had daughters, while Penelope had a son. In this way, Penelope and Colin’s son will be the new Lord Featherington.

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