Magaly Medina on the cancellation of Melissa Klug’s wedding: “Jesus did not turn out to be so trustworthy”

Magaly Medina on the cancellation of Melissa Klug’s wedding: “Jesus did not turn out to be so trustworthy”
Magaly Medina on the cancellation of Melissa Klug’s wedding: “Jesus did not turn out to be so trustworthy”

Magaly Medina on the cancellation of Melissa Klug’s wedding: “Jesus did not turn out to be so trustworthy” (Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

Strong declarations. The driver of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ Magaly Medinain a recent broadcast of her program, made a scathing analysis of the cancellation of the businesswoman’s wedding Melissa Klug and the footballer Jesus Boatwhich has been on hold for almost three years since the marriage proposal in September 2021.

Given this, Medina recalled the statements of Klug, who at the time assured that he would not wait more than two years to get married: “If we don’t get married two years from now, bye.” However, the wedding never took place and the reasons seem increasingly clear. What changed that Melissa, who was so excited about her marriage, now postpones the wedding indefinitely?

For the journalist, waiting for marriage would have to do with some problems in the relationship, which arose when Barco revealed his infidelity, which caused a break in the relationship. “Melissa realized that this Jesus is not as trustworthy as she thought. Of course, why are you going to get married if you don’t trust? “Why are you getting married if there is a shadow of a doubt?”

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

Besides, Magaly Medina highlighted the possibility that the wedding has been postponed due to the ballplayer’s immaturity, reflected in his constant attitudes and behaviors. The journalist emphasized that a solid relationship is based on trust and maturity, aspects that seem to be in doubt in this couple.

“Maybe, deep down, Melissa is no longer so sure that Jesus is the right man to share her life, especially after so many signs of immaturity and lack of commitment,” Medina said.

Medina He also mentioned that, repeatedly, Melissa Klug He had expressed his desire to start a family and get married, but current circumstances seem to have changed his priorities. Melissa said that she was not going to be the eternal girlfriend, and almost three years have passed since the proposal. Now she says that the wedding will take place when the baby grows up, but that sounds more like an excuse than a real plan,” the journalist added.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

“Well, but it really is very strange, that when she was the most determined, it will already be three years since that marriage proposal in 2021, we are already ending June, she also said that I am not going to be any eternal girlfriend, they already had a child and now they say it won’t be when what we wanted was to have the baby, now it will be when the baby grows up,” he mentioned.

Finally, Medina concluded that perhaps the best thing for Klug It means waiting and making sure the relationship is truly ready to take the next step. “It is better to wait for things to stabilize and trust to be fully restored before taking a step as significant as marriage. Maybe Melissa needs more time to see if Jesus has really changed and is ready to truly commit,” the host concluded.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

In a recent interview for the program ‘América Hoy’, Melissa Klug spoke about the legal and personal situation he faces with Jefferson Farfan, making it clear that he has no intention of asking the footballer for forgiveness. Klug revealed that he has tried to reach an agreement with Farfán without success, and emphasized his determination to defend himself against any lawsuit he may present.

According to the businesswoman, the legal situation has been exhausting, but she is willing to counteract any legal action with a countersuit if necessary. “I’m not going to sit with my arms crossed, seeing how he continues to sue me,” said the media figure, showing her firmness in the face of litigation.

Furthermore, Melissa was clear in pointing out that she does not feel the need to apologize to Jefferson Farfán. “I’m not asking him to forgive me or anything. “The only one who asks for forgiveness is God,” Klug said during the interview, underlining his firm stance in the face of the legal and personal circumstances he faces.

Melissa Klug assures that she will defend herself if Jefferson Farfán continues to legally attack her. America Today/ IG

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