They drank wine and had a great fight – Publimetro Chile

They drank wine and had a great fight – Publimetro Chile
They drank wine and had a great fight – Publimetro Chile

This Saturday, Daniela Aránguiz surprised her followers by sharing an unexpected moment through her social networks. The former Mekano girl visited Fabio Agostini in Santiago, and during a live on Instagram, both talked about their participation in the reality show “Win ​​or Serve?” and the recent fight between Fabio and Luis Mateucci, which continues to generate controversy among the program’s followers.

As announced, the meeting was initially planned to include other former ‘Tierra Brava’ participants, however, it was held alone after the last minute cancellation by the other guests.

Agostini received her only in a towel

The former Mekano girl arrived with two bottles of wine, while Fabio received her at his house wearing only a towel. “Why are you waiting for me like this?”Daniela commented with a laugh, to which the Spaniard responded: “You caught me right… come over here”.

During the meeting, Both shared several glasses of wine and took advantage of the occasion to comment on some episodes of the current reality show on Channel 13.. In the last episodes of “Win ​​or Serve?”, the dispute between Fabio Agostini and Luis Mateucci has captured the public’s attention, becoming one of the most talked about points of the reality show.

Agostini took advantage of the live to tell what was not seen about the fight with the Argentine. “I got up in the morning and while I was washing a dish I said: What can I do today? “I had it saved for Mateucci,” Fabio said. “Everything he did to me, I’m going to do to his face,” he added, explaining how the tension with Mateucci reached a breaking point. According to Fabio, Mateucci pushed him, but the intervention of Raimundo and other colleagues prevented the situation from getting worse.

Fabio not only addressed his fight with Mateucci, but he was also flirtatious with Daniela. In the live, he hinted that there could be something more than a friendship between them. ““They said I had already eaten you, but I haven’t eaten you yet.”he said in a joking tone, which caused a nervous laugh from Daniela.

The meeting between Daniela and Fabio, broadcast live, not only fueled speculation about a possible relationship between them, but also unleashed a series of comments from netizens, in relation to the fact that both have not yet gotten over Luis Mateucci in their lives.

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