‘Survivors’ crowns its surprising winner in an unprecedented final gala full of vetoes

‘Survivors’ crowns its surprising winner in an unprecedented final gala full of vetoes
‘Survivors’ crowns its surprising winner in an unprecedented final gala full of vetoes

A serious Jorge Javier Vázquez has made his first appearance on the historic helicopter of Survivorstouring the city of Madrid, emphasizing the “hardness” of the contest. After this, she moved to the set of the program, where she appeared with a big smile between the two pants. The presenter has given way to one of the most frenetic galas of the survival contest and, above all, to the one in which it was decided who would take home the 200,000 euros check. Have been Rubén Torres, Marieta, Arkano, and Pedro García-Aguado -it was these last three who were vying for a place in the final- who have traveled from Honduras to the Mediaset set in Madrid, as tradition dictates, and who have faced an “unprecedented test.” Everyone, nervous, has stood up to a gala full of challenges and, above all, they have submitted to the verdict of the jury that decided that it was Pedro García-Aguado who would take the victory after more than 100 days of competition.

The truth is that these last few weeks have become especially convulsive. And not because of the plots that have occurred within the Cayos Cochinos but because of the number of confrontations, public and private, that the organization has had with the contestants. This is how part of them have narrated it, through their social networks, who, in addition, with these statements have sentenced their participation in the different galas of the format. Thus, in this last program the absences of Lorena Morlote, Rocío Madrid, Arantxa del Sol and Laura Matamoros.

Chronicle of the last ‘Survivors’ gala

As we said, the gala began with a smiling Jorge Javier Vázquez, oblivious to all the controversies, and presenting the four contestants who have reached the final of Survivors next to Sandra Barneda. He has done so, too, ignoring those comments that speak of favored treatment for some of them and, also, of “handling», as Kiko Matamoros told on the Quickie Channel, talking about the experience of her daughter, Laura. Therefore, these months have been especially difficult, not only for the celebrities who have faced some of the toughest editions in recent years, but also for everything that has been said about the format abroad.

The four contestants who have reached the final have each stood out for different feats within the contest. In the case of Mariettathe former participant of The island of temptationsstarred in a notorious controversy with Gorka, in which several of his companions confessed that the Basque was being unfaithful to his partner with the young woman. Something that she herself confessed as the days went by. For her part, Pedro García-Aguado is the one who has shown his weaknesses the most, just as what has happened to Arkan, who was about to abandon. The one who has shown the most strength has been Ruben Torreswho has become the contestant who has won the most leader necklaces in all editions of Survivors.

Furthermore, all of them have faced one of the most complicated tests of all time; the infernal ferris wheel. And not only that. They have also had to repeat, in this final in Madrid, apnea, which has also become one of the weak points of many of our celebrities. Gorka – the last one eliminated – was the first to appear on set, who was received by all of his colleagues and also by his girlfriend, Andrea. And he has merged into a beautiful hug with Javier Ungría and Ángel Cristo. Then, it was Arkano who had to say ‘goodbye’ to the experience, losing the televoting against Marieta and Pedro García-Aguado who have gone directly to the final, and he has reunited with his girlfriend, Alazne.

Both Marieta and Pedro García-Aguado y Torres have faced their first testone of the classic challenges of the format, in which they have had to form a puzzle with different pieces on different colored ramps to build a ladder. The firefighter was the first who, against all odds because he started later than his colleagues, turned on the cauldronbecoming the first classified for a renewed apnea. Then, the second classified has been Marietta who has also been able to light the flame. Therefore, it will be the one who loses the unprecedented underwater test who will face the televoting with the former water polo player.

Marieta and Torres have faced, completely chained, the yoke of poseidonone of the “toughest” tests of Survivors of this edition. Both have entered 6,000 liters of water with chains weighing more than 20 kilos, having eight keys that they had to find at the back of the place. Only some of them opened the chains that have kept them tied for many minutes. It was Marieta who had the most trouble getting out of her chains and the firefighter managed to free yourself from all the locks in just over six minutes, earning his place in the final duel. Therefore, Marieta and Pedro García-Aguado have measured themselves in front of the audience in the televoting which has resulted in the former athlete’s pass to the last battle.

All of them, too, have been reunited with their families, starring in a most tender moment. The last face-to-face of this edition was between Pedro and Torres and it was the former athlete who, finally, won the check of 200,000 euros after a very tight margin of votes.

The organization’s vetoes

Of course, not everything has been smiles in this last gala of Survivors. Controversy has also been present on the set with the notable absences. Was Lorena Morlote the first one disappeared from the usual galas of the contest of survival and it was she herself who said that she was not going to be present in this final program. Who has been vetoed by the organization itself, confirmed by themselves and announced by the network, has been Arantxa del Sol after the presenter physically attacked Ángel Cristo in an argument. At the time, Bárbara Rey’s son decided not to take action against her, but it was her own program that did so, preventing her presence in any of her programs.

The one who did appear was Ángel himself, who was not at the last gala by decision of the organization. Apparently, they were especially dissatisfied with his attitude on his set, in which he decided to remain silent in response, while he participated in other network formats where he did expand on his personal life. In the case of Rocío Madridthe woman from Malaga has been a doubt until the last moment because her time through Survivors He was especially harsh and claimed that he had suffered bullying from his classmates. In the case of Laura Matamorosthe daughter of the television collaborator also freely attacked the organization through her social networks, which caused her to not appear in any of the programs again.

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