Daniela Ospina’s husband made Carmen Villalobos cry on Top Chef

Daniela Ospina’s husband made Carmen Villalobos cry on Top Chef
Daniela Ospina’s husband made Carmen Villalobos cry on Top Chef

In this show, the participants are celebrities who must do their best to advance in the competition and win the attraction. prize of US$100,000 dollars.

Fans of reality competition shows will be able to enjoy this new and entertaining program, hosted by the renowned actress and presenter Carmen Villalobos. The judges are the ones who They will evaluate the culinary skills of the participating stars. The judges will not only consider the taste of the dishes, but also the performance and effort of the celebrities, to determine who will take the coveted title of ‘Top Chef VIP’.

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In one of the episodes, Carmen announced the challenge of the day, which granted immunity: prepare three different types of arepa, either alone, filled or with some other creative touch that was left to the imagination of the contestants.

Daniela Ospina’s husband made Carmen Villalobos cry on Top Chef

When it was Gabriel Coronel’s turn, Daniela Ospina’s husband, he presented his dish titled “Venezuela in my heart.” Gabriel expressed his nostalgia by bringing the flavors of his land to the judges, remembering the difficulties that Venezuela has faced in the last 20 years.

“Many families have been separated for reasons beyond their control, “People who have fought a lot in their lives to achieve something and have had to come out with one hand forward and one hand behind.”, Colonel emphasized. He dedicated his plate to the millions of Venezuelans who today cannot be with their families, adding: “To all those people who in my country have had to face death due to lack of supplies and hospitals, due to such a complex and difficult situation.” .

Gabriel also wanted to send a message of gratitude to all the countries that have welcomed Venezuelans with affection: “I want to thank all the countries that have received us with great affection, that have given us the opportunity to work and get ahead. There are many honest, hard-working people who want to start over, because starting from scratch is not easy,” he concluded, thanking Latin America for offering the opportunity for a new beginning.

The good news did not take long to arrive for Gabriel, as the chefs determined that Their arepas dish was the best.

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Who are the judges of ‘Top Chef VIP’?

Antonio DeLivier

The famous Mexican chef, Antonio De Livier, known as Chef Toño, will continue as a jury for the cooking competition along with two outstanding chefs who will bring a new perspective to the most famous cuisine on Hispanic TV. As one of the most beloved chefs in Mexican gastronomy, De Livier is a restaurant owner, author of the recipe book Let’s Cookand has received important awards such as the Five Star Diamond Award, one of the most prestigious recognitions in the travel and restaurant industry.

Belen Alonso

With a strong and demanding character in the kitchen, Chef Belén Alonso is a renowned chef born in Mexico City of Spanish descent, whose passion for cooking began at an early age. Later, she moved to France to study at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris. Alonso is an expert in European cuisine, especially French and Spanish.and has been a judge in numerous cooking competitions, standing out as one of the most difficult judges to impress.

Ines Paez

Inés Páez, known as Chef Tita, She is an ambassador and creator of the New Dominican Cuisine. She has renewed more than 100 traditional recipes from her native Dominican Republic and has received important recognitions such as the highest award for Gourmet Excellence Character 2019 for her valuable contributions to Dominican gastronomy at a national and international level, in addition to the Medal of Dominican Women, among others. . In 2021, she was recognized by Forbes as one of the 100 most powerful women in Central America and the Caribbean.

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Published: 2024-06-22

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