Win or Serve? has been on air for two months

Win or Serve? has been on air for two months
Win or Serve? has been on air for two months

On April 21, Channel 13 the period reality show premiered “Win or Serve? “Back to the past”, focused on a group of figures that must perform highly competitive tests. Depending on the results of these, they are Lords or Servants within the confinement space.

Names like Pangal Andrade, Oriana Marzoli, Luis Mateucci, Gala Caldirola, Raimundo Cerda and Faloon Larraguibelamong others, are part of the reality television project that night after night has won the public’s preferences, both on television and on digital platforms.

In terms of home ratings, since April 21, the day “Win ​​or Serve?” began, the program animated by Sergio Lagos and Karla Constant has an average of 11.9 points on the open screen on the 13th and accumulates 12.9 with the “Super chain”, which includes the channel Ganar o Serr Extended from VTR and Claro.

With the 11.9 ratings it obtains on open television, it triumphs in the same time period and schedule over the rest of the channels, in the prime slot: Chilevisión averages 6.6 points; Mega 10.3; and TVN 3.7 units.

According to internal estimates of the private station, if the digital consumption of the reality show were projected in ratings, which is more than 3.3 million views per week, this would be equivalent to 6.0 household rating points, so in total the successful Channel 13 space It would have an average of 18.9 ratings in its two months on air.

Channel 13 and the positive projections of “Win ​​or Serve?”

According to internal estimates from Channel 13, at the time of projecting the digital consumption of “Tierra Brava” in ratings, which was more than 2.7 million views per week and which was equivalent to 4.0 household rating points, Said reality show closed with a ratings projection of 17.6 ratings. “Win or Serve?” has surpassed those numbers and estimates place it with an average of 18.9 tuning points so far.

Karla Constant, host of the reality television space, comments that “we are very happy and proud with the reception that ‘Win or Serve?’ has had, that speaks of a product that has resonated strongly with people and that they liked. “We have worked hard for that and the promise is that we will continue to present, night after night, a story in a teleserye style and with the elements that all fans look for and want in a project of this type,” she said.

Sergio Lagosmeanwhile, host of “Win ​​or Serve?”, states that “we have an important history of reality shows on Channel 13, for more than 20 years, and this has come to crown a very strong connection that we have managed to have with the public thanks to stories full of emotion and that the audience likes for all the themes it presents chapter by chapter.”

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