Nataly looked for Melfi when leaving The House of the Famous

The singer Miguel Melfi talked about the actress Nataly Umaña after leaving The house of the famous Colombiaproduction of Canal RCN and ViX.

Miguel Melfi spoke about Nataly Umaña after leaving The House of the Famous Colombia

In an interview with Carlos Claro for RCN Entertainment, the Panamanian confessed that the last conversation he had with her within the reality show was affectionate, since both remained friends after their controversial romance in the competition.

He explained that the process she experienced outside was very complex and very different from the one he experienced inside The House of the Famous Colombia when she went, so the healthiest thing was to stay as friends, because the affection remains.

He confessed that he still finds her very pretty, but the ideal is for both of them to focus on their respective projects, she on acting and he on his music.

“Nataly told me that she wanted to talk to me when I left, I just left the house, she congratulated me and said like ‘hey, let’s talk, I need to talk about a couple of things, a lot of things have been said out here’ and obviously I understand her because What happened shouldn’t have been easy for her and I don’t want them to continue attacking her either,” she said.

He added that he respects her, admires her for the strength she has as a woman and that he hopes she can continue growing.

Miguel Melfi responded to criticism after leaving The House of the Famous Colombia

Likewise, he responded to those who criticize him on social networks by mentioning that everything would be better if they did not focus on the negative things about people and better highlighted their values.

He indicated that we all have the right to make mistakes and learn, emphasizing that negative comments do not add anything good to life.

On the other hand, he reiterated that conquering Nataly was never part of any strategy to win the reality show as many insinuated.

Finally, he indicated that he is focused on his future plans with his music and his desire to be an actor.

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