María Corina Machado reiterated that the elections will put an end to socialism in Venezuela

María Corina Machado reiterated that the elections will put an end to socialism in Venezuela
María Corina Machado reiterated that the elections will put an end to socialism in Venezuela

The opposition leader Maria Corina Machado reiterated this Wednesday that the presidential elections that Venezuela will hold on July 28 will put an end to socialism in the country, governed by Chavismo since 1999.

That day, we will decree the end of socialism in Venezuela. Never more“said the former liberal deputy – cited in a press release from her team – during a political event held in a town in the state of Falcón (northwest).

The opposition leader urged citizens to participate massively in the July elections, and reiterated his invitation to vote for the candidate of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) -main anti-Chavista coalition-, the former ambassador Edmundo González Urrutiawhom he described as a “serious, honorable man”.

Support and vote for Edmundo González on July 28. We have a date, we have organization in the commands and commanders, we have a card and we have a candidate,” said Machado, who plans to visit this Thursday the oil state of Zulia (northwest), bordering Colombia.

González Urrutia is one of the 10 candidates – all men – for the upcoming elections, among them the current head of state, Nicolas Madurowho seeks to be re-elected for the second time.

The former ambassador ended up being the standard bearer of the PUD in view of the disqualification that prevents Machado, elected in primaries as the bloc’s presidential candidate, from competing for public office, and the obstacles that, according to the opposition alliance, there were in nominating Corina Yoriswho was the first option to replace the anti-Chavista leader.

Last February, Machado said that the country is going to “leave socialism behind forever” after the presidential elections, in which he is confident that Chavismo will be defeated.

Edmundo González Urrutia’s message for Labor Day

The unitary candidate of the Venezuelan opposition, Edmundo González Urrutiaassured this Wednesday that if he wins the elections he will propose a “tripartite dialogue” between his government, workers and employers to improve working conditions in Venezuela.

This commitment occurs in a context of stagnation of the minimum wage, which has remained frozen at 130 bolivars (approximately 4 dollars per month) for more than two years.

In a message spread on his social networks, González Urrutia greeted “to all the workers who are making the greatest effort for the country’s recovery”.

“In the government of national unity we intend to promote dialogue between the government, workers and employers so that together we can build a better Venezuela, a Venezuela for all,” he stated.

“We know the inconveniences and challenges they face. Minimum wages of 4 dollars a month, public services on the floor, health, education in degradation”added González Urrutia.

The labor panorama in Venezuela presents alarming figures, with a minimum wage that has been devalued by 88% in its equivalent in US dollars, the reference currency for setting prices in the South American country.

(With information from EFE)

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