a donkey that was lost 5 years ago reappeared, adopted by a herd of elk

a donkey that was lost 5 years ago reappeared, adopted by a herd of elk
a donkey that was lost 5 years ago reappeared, adopted by a herd of elk

In the last few hours, a video was resurfaced on X that offers an unusual scene. In it you see a donkey acting like one more in a herd of elk.

A herd of moose adopted a donkey named Diesel “who disappeared more than five years ago in Auburn,” reads the tweet from UHN Plus that contains the video, which has already been viewed nearly 1 million times.

The clip belongs to the American athlete Max Fennell and dates from March 31. On his Instagram, Fennell shared it and noted, “Probably one of my wildest hunting trips to date. I came across a herd of elk who had adopted a donkey. “I can’t stop looking at it and I’m surprised that the donkey looks happy and healthy!”

The curious thing is that in the comments people appeared who said they had seen the donkey. One man, for example, called him “a legend”: “That donkey is actually a legend! He has been running with the ”.

But even more striking is that a person appeared who said he had owned Diesel until the day he fled his home, in 2019.

A user named David Drewry wrote under the video: “It is indeed Diesel. He ran away from me while I was packing 5 years ago. He was heartbreaking at that moment. I am happy to see that it is helping those listened to grow.”

The exchange between Drewry and Fennell continued with a response from the athlete, who expressed his surprise at having found the former owner of the wild donkey from his video star.

“I’m surprised you received this post and I was really hoping you did! A few years ago, my dog ​​ran away in that area and luckily came back and was dropped off at the fire station. I can only imagine how heartbreaking that must have been. “It was amazing to see Diesel out there and he is truly living his best life and looking as healthy as possible,” Fennell wrote.

And Drewry responded: “I’m glad you got your dog back. A little harder to catch a wild one.”

In photos that Drewry uploaded to the networks years ago, Diesel can be seen accompanying him at work. In fact, in many of the images in which the animal appears there are users who ask about its history.

Diesel, the donkey, when he still belonged to Drewry. Photo: Instagram

The animal’s previous owner has not made any posts on Instagram or Facebook related to the donkey since the athlete made the viral post. Of course, he joked that Diesel is the “security” for the moose.

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